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Site Security

Construction sites in London are a natural target for thieves,
as they contain valuable materials and machinery which
is often left unsecured. The construction industry loses
a reported £400 million per year due to theft and vandalism,
according to the Chartered Institute of Building which highlights
exactly why construction security London wide needs to be taken
seriously. Whether you’re dealing with the petty theft
of tools that have been left around or wish to lock down
your perimeters to prevent largescale vandalism,
Sicuro is the premier choice of construction site security
companies London has to offer.

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Construction Site Security Systems in London

Depending on the scale and duration of your project, along with your budget, we have a security solution to suit your requirements. Some of our products can be used as a standalone approach, but for increased safety and security, it’s often best to protect your construction site by using multiple methods of defence.

Construction Site CCTV Security Systems London

Our wireless construction site CCTV London product has multiple benefits. By positioning cameras strategically around the project site, this acts as a strong deterrent to opportunists who are looking for easy access. However, in the event that a thief does attempt to break across the perimeter, the wireless CCTV is monitored remotely 24/7 at our manning station. Any potential breach detected by one of the PIR cameras will set off an intruder alarm, and video footage of the event is sent out to the monitoring team for visual verification. If the breach is verified as being a genuine security threat, then a fully approved SIA responder will attend your construction site within minutes, typically supported by the local authorities. Our construction site CCTV security systems London clients can benefit from rapid response times within 20 minutes, as well as 24/7 monitoring taking place throughout the year.

Although we are also able to offer temporary CCTV systems, which require a power source, our wireless alarm product has the benefit of being battery operated. This completely removes the requirement for having a network connection or power source.

Construction Site Alarms London

Another option for securing your London-based construction site is to use our virtual guard system. Traditionally, site security has been dealt with by hiring dedicated security professionals to patrol your site. Although this approach is a visual and physical deterrent to thieves, technology is now able to offer a more efficient and cost-effective solution in the form of virtual guard construction site alarms London wide.

Instead of employing a human security guard, you can simply install a virtual guard system which can be scheduled to arm or disarm at times which are convenient to you. With cost savings of up to 80% and the knowledge that the visual guard can detect intruder incidents at a range of 1000 metres across your site, this is an investment worth making to safeguard your site effectively. However, in situations where you would also like to utilise the presence of a physical security guard, we can offer mobile site patrols by our experienced team of SIA operatives who can attend your London construction site for added peace of mind.

Scaffolding Alarms London

Scaffolding is one of the biggest targets for construction thieves due to the high resell value and low statistical threat of being apprehended by the police. Our scaffolding alarms can be installed and operational within 48 hours, using PIR cameras to detect and monitor any security breaches, before dispatching a security responder to attend the site.

As the leading provider of construction site security systems in London, get in touch with us today for a free site survey.

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