Preventing intruders from accessing your construction site can be achieved when you invest in advanced wireless alarms to safeguard your building works.

Sicuro’s process for Construction Site Security

Step 1


Sicuro will assess your site to determine what security is required

Step 2


A bespoke quotation is raised

Step 3


Installation carried out by a fully qualified Engineer

Step 4


Monitored 24/7

Step 5


All activations responded to by SIA approved officer

Step 6


Once your project is complete, equipment is decommissioned and removed from the site

Trespassers may target your site for the following reasons:



To gain access to neighbouring properties

Benefits Of Using Wireless Alarms For Construction Sites

Wireless alarms are a versatile security solution for your construction site. Some of the main benefits of using this type of intrusion detection include:

Wireless Alarms


As our wireless alarms don’t require any cabling or power supply, they can be set up quickly and dismantled just as quickly at the end of a project when it’s time to move on to your next project site. If your existing site changes layout, then the configuration of your wireless alarms can also change with ease.

Wireless Alarm Service

Reduce False Alarms

As each security incident will be verified to determine if it is a genuine breach, this will significantly reduce the cost associated with false security events that may trigger an alarm.

How to pick your security?

At Sicuro, we will advise you what security solution is right for you. However you can also make an informed decision by comparing our options.

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