London has exciting construction projects planned for everything from the renovation of Battersea Power Station and the new Madison Square Garden spherical entertainment venue, to smaller-scale building works.

Whatever your project, when you embark on setting up a temporary construction site in the capital, you’ll need robust London building site security to stay protected. As your premier construction site security London team, Sicuro offers a broad range of advanced technology to safeguard your assets.

London Building Site Security

Our approach begins with deterring intruders from planning an attack on your building site. If criminals or opportunists see that your site is impenetrable, then they’ll move on elsewhere. The next step is ensuring that those who do attempt to target your building site are not actually able to trespass due to the secure and robust perimeter that is in place. Finally, if an intrusion is to occur, then we install the latest surveillance technology to ensure that your site is monitored 24/7 and that a response team is onsite to deal with any security events in rapid time.

By creating a multipronged strategy to deal with your building site security in London, you can benefit from:

  • Staying fully compliant with health and safety regulations
  • Preventing theft which would otherwise cost your company thousands
  • Reducing the chance of projects stalling due to stolen assets or tampering with your materials

Construction Security London Flexibility

Sicuro offers a range of ways for you to improve your London building site security. It’s usually best to take a preventative approach by applying a combination of these methods for top results.

Flexibility is essential in the construction business, so all of our products can easily be installed, relocated or dismantled completely depending on the nature of your project and where you’re moving to next. We have years of experience in the construction site security London field, so we understand the importance of versatility and being able to adapt to your project as it evolves.

Even when you’re given very little notice, your security configuration can be changed within a matter of hours, providing you with peace of mind that you have a superior level of building site security in London.

Building Site Security London Packages

Sicuro offer:

Wireless Video Verification Alarm Systems – 

When an intruder triggers the alarm, footage of this event will be viewed at the 24/7 remote monitoring station who will authorise that this is a genuine incident and dispatch SIA approved responders alongside the authorities to attend your site.

Construction Site CCTV – 

Contemporary surveillance technologies allow your entire site to be covered so there are no dark spots for intruders to use as access.

Site Patrols – 

A guard can be dispatched onsite either on a schedule or an ad-hoc basis to act as a physical deterrent to opportunists.

Commercial Drones – 

If you need to carry out a risk assessment of your building site security London strategy, a drone is useful for conducting inspections and analysing safety.

Scaffold Alarms – 

The value of your raw materials and the safety of your scaffolding construction can be protected with our top-of-the-range alarm system.

Vacant Property Security – 

Prevent squatters, vandals and other intruders with our wireless alarm system.

Wireless Fire Alarm Systems – 

These can run alongside our intruder alarms to save lives in the event of a genuine fire emergency.

Virtual Guards – 

Instead of a physical site patrol, this method of virtual monitoring from our remote surveillance station can be armed or disarmed at a schedule that suits you.

If you’re ready to improve the protection of your own temporary building site, then call our professional and experienced construction security London team today and we’ll be happy to book you in for a FREE site security survey today!


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