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    Security Solutions

    Depending on the requirements of your company and the industry you operate within, we can offer the following types of security solutions:

    • Intrusion Detection
    • Site Surveillance via CCTV or Wireless Video Monitoring
    • Rapid mobile deployment towers
    • Scaffolding alarms
    • Vacant property security
    • Physical site patrols
    • Commercial drones
    • Fire alarm systems
    • Robust boundary assembly
    • Vacant property inspections


    Wireless alarms for vacant properties don’t require any connected utilities to be in place as they are entirely battery operated and usually last for up to 4 years before you need to change the long-life battery. As such a convenient solution, your vacant property alarm systems can be set up extremely quickly, providing you with immediate security for your unoccupied building.

    If you foresee that you may need to use vacant property alarm systems in the future, perhaps between tenancies, then you’ll love the versatility of this technology as a security solution for your property. Our systems can be assembled, configured and dismantled quickly and with ease, allowing you to use the components of your wireless alarm every time you need to utilise intrusion detection.

    Security for Compliance

    The industry that you’re operating within will likely have its own specific compliance regulations to meet with regards to security as well as health and safety. As top-rated security professionals with experience of a variety of security industry sectors, we can ensure that your ongoing security strategy meets the required standards defined by industry authorities.

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