Scaffolding is the target for perpetrators looking to trespass onto unsecure development buildings, unstable properties, residential renovations, and construction sites.

Scaffolding provides access to climb up your construction works in the name of ‘fun’. Unfortunately, this is incredibly dangerous and can cause either serious injuries or even fatalities.

Sicuro is the industry’s leading supplier of scaffold alarms, which will prevent theft, vandalism, and any unauthorised access.

Sicuro’s process for Construction Site Security

Step 1


Sicuro will assess your site to determine what security is required

Step 2


A bespoke quotation is raised

Step 3


Installation carried out by a fully qualified Engineer

Step 4


Monitored 24/7

Step 5


All activations responded to by SIA approved officer

Step 6


Once your project is complete, equipment is decommissioned and removed from the site

What Are The Benefits Of Our Scaffold Alarms?

When you choose to install a scaffold alarm security system, you’re opting for the best way to protect your scaffolding as well as those who come into contact with it. Our scaffold alarms are:

Cost Effective


Easy to reassemble on your next project site

Specifically Manufactured

How Do Scaffold Alarm Security Systems Work?

Our scaffold alarms are wireless and video verified, which means that your scaffolding will be monitored 24/7 from a remote, manned surveillance station.

If a security incident triggers an alert connected to your scaffolding, then our team of specialists will verify that the event is not a false alarm. As our scaffold alarms have inbuilt dual PIR detectors, this means that we will only respond when there is an actual security breach, which will save you money. In genuine cases, we will rapidly dispatch a trained SIA responder to your site who will arrive in minutes, supported by the police.

How Quickly Can You Install Scaffolding Security Systems?

As our scaffold alarms are entirely wireless and only require a Lithium battery, this means that they can be set up quickly and easily.

After booking your installation appointment in with us, we can typically have new scaffolding security systems up and running within 48 hours.

Work With Scaffold Alarm Specialists For Your Installation

Due to the dangers associated with scaffolding, it’s imperative that you select security professionals with extensive experience in the installation of a scaffold alarm security system.

Sicuro strongly believes that having an incorrectly fitted scaffold alarm is just as bad as not having one at all. This is why our scaffolding security systems are market leading, to provide you with 100% peace of mind that you have the highest level of protection in place when securing your construction.

How to pick your security?

At Sicuro, we will advise you what security solution is right for you. However you can also make an informed decision by comparing our options.

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