Sicuro can provide the highest level of solar farm security in the market, to lock down the perimeter of your renewable farm and keep your solar panels safe.

Rising reports of theft at renewable energy farms across the UK are causing widespread concern to landowners and managers of solar panel farms.

These farms are vulnerable due to their remote locations in rural areas, which are often situated well out of the way of any public footfall or even regular oncoming traffic. Renewable energy security should be a top priority of any farmers and landowners who have invested in creating a solar panel facility, not least to protect their investment.

As the population is more motivated to become eco-conscious, the number of renewable energy farms will increase, but this also brings the additional threat of intrusion and theft at these facilities.

Benefits of Versatile Solar Farm Security Packages

Due to the remote locations of renewable energy farms, they’re particularly vulnerable to being targeted by criminals during the night when they can enter the site and steal panels and other raw materials under the cover of darkness.

24/7 solar farm security is required to ensure that your renewable energy farm is fully protected whether it’s a weekend, daylight hours or the middle of the night.

Sicuro offers a comprehensive range of renewable energy security solutions to provide a robust shield around your eco-facility. We can create a bespoke security suite for you depending on your individual requirements. Our products are extremely versatile and can be used on a standalone basis, or else in combination with other available security strategies.

Choose from:


Strong Perimeter

Erecting a robust barrier around the exterior of your renewable energy farm should be the first step in putting together your solar farm security strategy. Preventing intruders from getting into your renewable energy farm is essential, and you can use strong fencing along with concrete blocks to act as a physical deterrent to keep criminals at bay.


Warning Intruders Away

Sicuro is the market leading provider of renewable energy security solutions. Get in touch with our team for a FREE no obligation site assessment and quote today!


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