Sicuro provide a range of advanced commercial security solutions to ensure that intruders are not tempted to break into your business premises.

Commercial security is a necessity for landlords and building managers who need to protect commercial units from intruders and criminal damage. Protecting your commercial premises is essential whether they are currently occupied or have been vacant for a while.

In London alone, there are an estimated 11,000 commercial units that have been empty for more than two years. These are a prime target for squatters, vandals and other intruders. However, occupied business units will also need to take advantage of commercial security systems as they may contain valuable assets as well as personal data which makes these premises a target for organised criminals.

Landlords often put commercial estate management companies in charge of securing their business premises, so this responsibility is outsourced to ensure that commercial real estate is kept fully secure and impenetrable by criminals. If trespassers are able to access the building due to a lack of viable commercial security systems in place, this will cause a loss of reputation on behalf of both the commercial estate management company and the landlord of the building.

Selecting the Best Commercial Security Systems

Sicuro can help you to find the perfect commercial security systems for your specific business unit. It is usually best practice to invest in a combination of solutions to provide the best strategy to lock down your premises.

You can choose from:


CCTV for your commercial premises

Cameras will be placed strategically inside and outside your building to deliver extensive coverage. Any intrusions will be detected on the feed and monitored from our remote security station which is manned 24/7 by our professional security engineers.


Wireless video verification alarm systems

As a battery-operated option, this type of surveillance is excellent if your premises are vacant and you don’t have any power supply in place. Similar to our CCTV systems, our wireless model uses PIR motion sensors placed in prime positions around your site to detect any activity. If movement triggers the sensors, then a 10 second video clip of your commercial unit will be sent to our remote security station. When our security personnel determine that a genuine breach is taking place, we will dispatch SIA approved responders to your premises who will be accompanied by the police to deal with the trespassers on site.


Security Guards

We can supply physical human guards to patrol your site or install our virtual guard service where your site will be monitored remotely at a schedule that suits you, allowing you to arm and disarm the service as needed.


Access Control

If you have large volumes of visitors and personnel moving in and out of your commercial premises, then access control security systems allow you to keep track of exactly who is present and at what times they’re authorised to be there. By distributing keycards, fobs or providing your personnel with doorcodes, you can grant and restrict access to your commercial building.


Vacant property Inspections

Professional Vacant Property Inspections include a detailed internal and external check of the property and site. For many clients carrying out inspections is a necessity for insurance compliance, therefore we can tailor the inspections questions to suit this requirement. Our inspections and patrols are designed to be flex­i­ble, whilst taking into account your insurance compliance requirements. Vacant properties are to be visited either once a week or fortnightly to check that the property remains secure and to ensure that any property management issues such as water leaks, smashed windows, graffiti are dealt with swiftly and effectively. Electric and water meter readings can be taken, whilst also providing photos for reference of your assets.

Sicuro Property Inspections can:

  • Save you money and time
  • Comply with your insurance
  • Provide updated meter readings
  • Keep you up to date with any potential issues on site
  • Keep your site safe

Take The Next Step with Sicuro

When you’re ready to invest in our watertight commercial security solutions, get in touch with our expert team. Sicuro’s engineers have years of experience in providing security to the commercial estate management sector.

We can plan and install a sophisticated security design to ensure that your premises are under surveillance 24/7. Get in touch with our team for a FREE, no obligation security consultation today.


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