Our professional team of security engineers will plan, implement and maintain the perfect retail property security package to ensure that your business and personnel are entirely protected from the actions of criminals who wish to target your retail site.

Securing your retail business is essential to protect both the premises you operate out of as well as the valuable stock that is held within your retail space.

Sicuro has extensive experience in providing security solutions and can deliver a watertight security solution to protect:

  • Single retail units
  • Multiple retail units in a shopping mall environment
  • Warehouse spaces

Best Types of Retail Store Security

You can choose from the following solutions depending on the size and layout of the retail space you need to protect from criminals. Sicuro will be able to advise on the best plan of action to lock down the security for your specific retail premises.

All of our packages are bespoke, so can be built up to match your unique requirements. In some cases, we may recommend a combination of security strategies as the best approach to safeguarding your retail space, your stock and all personnel in the vicinity of your store or warehouse.

Choose from the following technologies:


CCTV Surveillance

Closed circuit television is a necessity in any retail environment so you can keep a watchful eye on shoppers. Not only does CCTV act as a deterrent to any shoplifters, but you also be assured that any theft or damage will be caught on camera. With powerful 4K HD colour images and the ability to zoom in, it’s easy to catch perpetrators in the act with this advanced retail store security solution.


Wireless Video Verification Alarm

Our wireless alarm systems are ideal for securing the perimeter of your retail space or warehouse. By placing motion sensors at the various access points of the building, any attempts of an intrusion after hours will be caught on video camera and sent to our remote station for 24/7 monitoring.

If our engineers verify that a genuine security breach is taking place, we’ll dispatch SIA approved responders who are highly experienced in confrontation scenarios. They will also be accompanied by the police if required to deal with the security issue.


Site Patrols

Physical site patrols are an excellent retail property security strategy as they act as a strong deterrent to opportunists who are considering criminal action such as theft of your stock or criminal damage to your retail space. We can supply guards to patrol your site on a regular schedule or an ad-hoc basis to carry out spot-checks of your premises.

Are you ready to start protecting your retail space and all assets contained within? Then it’s time to book a FREE site assessment with our team of retail property security specialists. Contact Sicuro today to make your no-cost, no-obligation appointment!

Why Invest in Retail Property Security?

Opportunists or organised gangs of criminals may be attracted to your retail space due to the value of stock held onsite. Such stock may have a high resell value and be hard to trace by the police, which makes it an appealing prospect for criminals.

By investing in our advanced retail store security solutions, you can be assured that your site and stock are monitored 24/7 by our remote team of security professionals. With your store under surveillance, we will constantly be monitoring any activity that takes place in and around your retail space, allowing us to detect and respond to any security incidents within a matter of minutes.


Are you ready to put some extra construction site security measures in place?

Call our specialist construction security team today and we’ll organise a FREE site security assessment for you!

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