Project Description

Sector: Construction

Client: PMC Construction

Project Location: Ropetackle Project, Shoreham by Sea

Duration of project: 2 years, 2 months

Sicuro was approached by PMC Construction to secure their work on the Ropetackle Housing Development Project, a 120-property site located on the River Adur in Shoreham by Sea.


The Ropetackle Project is set on a deserted plot next to the river, yet close to Shoreham town. With derelict buildings on the site, as well as a raised railway embankment, this project had multiple security vulnerabilities. Situated on a flood plain, most of the site was easily accessible to the general public due to its multiple entry points.

Besides monitoring access to the site, the challenge with any construction project, including the Ropetackle development, was to adapt the security to evolve alongside the shape of the building works.

Construction sites are a well-known target of thieves and vandals, who are attracted to the value of raw materials and equipment housed on this type of project. In fact, the UK’s construction industry typically loses around £800 million per year, which includes the cost of project delays and replacing lost or damaged equipment and materials. Companies will usually be hit by much higher insurance premiums too once they have made a claim. As a result, it is paramount that construction companies such as PMC Construction take the necessary action to lock down their site, which is exactly what Sicuro specialises in.


Sicuro offers a comprehensive range of construction site security solutions, which can be tailored to suit the specific requirements and vulnerabilities in your setup.

In the case of the Ropetackle Project, our qualified site assessor carried out an initial security assessment to review the best course of action to protect this long-term project, which was running for just over 2 years. As the development would be changing over this period, it was important that we implemented a strategy which could be easily modified, whilst still providing 100% coverage of the site.

Following our detailed analysis, we recommended that the client should be provided with our wireless video verification alarm system. This enabled us to add further cameras at pre-determined intervals to ensure full coverage of the site.

In May 2020, our security solutions were put to the test. Two individuals were detected running through the Ropetackle Housing Development site carrying large objects. This activity triggered the alarm system and footage was immediately sent through to be reviewed by our Monitoring Partner Fenix in real time. As the event was deemed to be genuine, Fenix activated the on-site sounder and contacted mobile responders and the police who arrived on site within 10 minutes. Due to the strategic installation of our wireless video verification alarm panels, and the information they had been presented with, the police rapidly located the intruders. They were apprehended and arrested with attempting to steal a range of large appliances from the site. In April 2021, both intruders were found guilty in court on two counts of trespassing, theft and handling stolen goods.

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