Project Description

Sector: Solar Farm

Client: Photon Energy

Project Location: Scotland

Duration of project: 20 weeks

Sicuro were delighted to be approached by Photon Energy, a leading solar farm company operating from the Scottish coast. Our team were tasked with providing 24/7 security for this renewable energy farm.


Solar farms are known to be targeted by criminals due to their remote locations in rural areas, which is a problem shared by the Photon Energy base in Scotland’s breath-taking countryside. As sites like these are typically based far off the beaten track, with little in the way of public footfall or local traffic, they are a prime opportunity for thieves and vandals. As there are rising reports of thefts occurring at renewable energy farms like these, Photon Energy was concerned with protecting their site and their investment.

Solar panels are perhaps the main target of criminals and they are frequently being removed from renewable energy farms, along with other raw materials. Without security in place, it is relatively easy for criminals to strip down the assets they require, load them onto vehicles then drive away to sell these materials on the black market. This type of activity typically happens during the night, but due to the remote location of renewable energy farms, any hour of the day is a risk.

As a result, Sicuro were tasked with providing 24/7 protection over a 20-week period to entirely secure the site and prevent any solar panels or other valuable equipment from being damaged or removed. By providing top-rated security solutions for renewable energy farms, Sicuro are proud to contribute towards hitting the government’s environmental goals and assisting the Build Back Greener program.


By their nature, solar farms don’t have mains power available, which means that some surveillance or security methods are not suitable. After Photon Energy initiated contact with Sicuro, we completed a comprehensive site security assessment to offer our guidance about the best solutions to put in place at this vulnerable location.

In order to secure the entire base in this rural area, we recommended that the Photon Energy site should be secured with our wireless camera systems. This is an ideal solution where there is no cabling or power supply available as the camera panels run from lithium batteries with a life span of up to 4 years when operating in normal conditions.

Our wireless cameras are quick to set up and can be dismantled just as quickly at the end of a project which makes them a versatile solution. With built-in PIR detectors, they can span the entire scope of your site. Once activated, if anything triggers the camera, then footage of the event will be sent to our NSI Gold Standard monitoring station to be reviewed by our team of security specialists. This is an excellent way to minimise the cost of false alarms, but if a genuine breach has occurred, then we will immediately dispatch our SIA approved responders to deal with the trespassers.

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