Project Description

Sector: Vacant Property

Client: KSP/Savills

Project Location: VIP Trading Estate, Charlton, London

Duration of project: 7-8 months

Sicuro were approached by KSP/Savills to provide vacant property security for an unoccupied office building at the VIP Trading Estate in Charlton, southeast London.


The office space had only recently become vacant, but had experienced security issues in the past. The landlord insisted that the building required extensive security in place and that it needed to be both monitored and alarmed. Flytipping had previously taken place at the premises and caravans had attempted to set up in the exterior yard, so the client requested CCTV to cover this area.

Additionally, they wanted to commit to weekly property inspections to check for:

• Water leaks

• Smashed windows

• Current meter readings

• Electrical services status

Since the pandemic took hold, there has been an increase in offices and other commercial premises becoming vacant for prolonged periods. Sometimes a landlord may have current tenants who are working remotely for the next few months, or alternatively, they may need to find a new business to take over the tenancy of their premises. In either case, it’s important that security is made a top priority to prevent thieves, vandals, squatters and fly-tippers from causing damages to properties.


Our work for KSP/Savills began with a detailed site assessment of the VIP Trading Estate in Charlton. We recommended a three-point solution for this project which they accepted.

Wireless alarm/monitoring

Our first task for the client was to install a single wireless alarm panel connected to our internal video verification camera service. These provide 24-hour monitoring of the office space – in the event that any type of breach triggers the alarm, footage of this event will be reviewed by security experts at our NSI Gold approved alarm receiving station. Once the team have confirmed a genuine breach, they will dispatch responders and the local authorities to attend the incident and disperse any intruders.

CCTV Tower

To protect the exterior of the property and the adjacent yard, we also installed a green light CCTV Tower to monitor any activity in the area. This also allowed the client to view the yard and gates remotely via a mobile device or laptop of their choosing. We’ve found that clients appreciate the reassurance they gain from regularly checking the feed themselves, as well as having 24/7 monitoring in place.

Weekly property inspections

At the client’s request, we also arranged regular property inspections to check for smashed windows, water leaks and fly tipping. This is an essential component of vacant property security, as it allows landlords to keep on top of their building maintenance.

We were able to deploy our services quickly to offer full site protection. Since implementing these strategies, the client hasn’t experienced any attempted breaches or damage to their office premises.

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