Modern security systems are often centred on the latest tech innovations that promise wireless surveillance and responses 24/7. There’s no doubt that these have revolutionised the security business, providing business owners with peace of mind that their site is protected around the clock. But that’s not to say that traditional site security has taken a back seat. Site patrols and manned guarding services offer the human touch to your security plan, spotting any vulnerabilities that exist and dealing with them in real-time. Here’s how they make your site more secure.

Choosing between site patrols and manned guards

Trying to decide the best security solution for your site? Manned guards are security personnel who will be physically onsite for the duration of their shift. You might choose to book manned guards around the clock, so you have peace of mind that there is always someone onsite. Alternatively, a more affordable solution is to book a site patrol where a uniformed security officer will arrive onsite at regular intervals to carry out a spot-check.

The schedule is in your hands

Remember that you have full control over how regularly you would like your site to be secured by a guard, whether as part of a patrol or during a manned shift. You might choose to book this service after working hours, throughout the weekend and during any other time where your site remains unoccupied, for example at Christmas. If budget is a concern, then a site patrol service can be a flexible solution for you as the drive-by security team will visit your site along with other similar businesses in the local area. They will visit at regular intervals to keep an eye on things.

The benefits of a human security team

The main benefit of using site patrols and manned guarding services is that they are a clear visual deterrent to thieves or vandals who are considering your construction project as their next target. Anyone scoping out your site before an intrusion is likely to be dissuaded from their break-in plans if they know they will have to get past a uniformed security officer. This is made even more difficult if your security teamwork at random, yet regular intervals. Intruders won’t know when a security officer is likely to turn up and interrupt their crime.

Human security officers are also adept at noticing any vulnerabilities in your security strategy. For example, if bad weather has caused a broken fence panel that could assist as an access point in a break-in, then they will be able to call for maintenance before this becomes a problem. Additionally, they can be a point of contact onsite if you need to arrange for an out-of-hours visit.

Your clients will also be reassured by the presence of a security guard, that their project and premises are protected, and that their project is likely to stay on track rather than be set back by an intrusion.

Book your site security assessment

Every construction site has different needs, and many will benefit from the combination of site patrols and manned guarding, along with advanced tech solutions such as wireless video verification systems. To develop an effective security strategy for your site, book your security assessment with Sicuro today. We’re available on 0800 999 1888 or