Are you trying to decide on the best type of security guard system to oversee your commercial or residential property? Traditionally, the only option available was for a human security guard to be present to keep a firm eye on any unusual activity in the vicinity. But as technology has advanced, property owners and managers can now choose from virtual guard systems for 24/7 surveillance of your site. So, what’s the difference between a manned guard and a virtual guard, and which is the right solution for you? Let’s take a look!

Manned Guards

The traditional human guard is physically present on your site for as many hours as you pay them to be there. They might attend a number of sites and carry out spot-checks throughout the day or night. Alternatively, they might be physically based at your site for a single shift, before handing over to a colleague. Manned guards might be accompanied by a security dog for added protection.

The benefit of a manned guard is that they are an effective visual deterrent for any opportunist criminal who is considering an attack. If a would-be intruder notices that there is a security presence onsite, then they will be much more likely to move on to a less protected site.

If a security event does occur, then your manned guard will be immediately present to deal with any intruders and call for backup as required. Security guards are also useful at responding to other threats such as gas leaks or carrying out maintenance tasks during poor weather. If you use a 24/7 manned guard system, then you also have the convenience of having available personnel to sign for deliveries or provide authorised access to other contractors as required.

Whilst using a manned guard has many benefits, there are some downsides to this type of service. Illness or bad weather might prevent them from attending work on time which can create a hole in your security strategy. Some firms are also concerned about the cost of a manned guard, with the average paying £1,000 a week in wages for 123 hours of protection.

Virtual Guards

In comparison, a virtual guard service costs 80% less making it a more cost-effective strategy. But how does it work?

Virtual guards compensate for human limitations by offering a permanent security solution for your site. By setting up cameras attached to a wireless alarm panel, surveillance footage then feeds back to our NSI Gold Monitoring Station.

Your cameras can be activated 24/7 or on a schedule that suits you, giving you the freedom to arm and disarm the system as required. If a security incident occurs, then the video footage will be reviewed by our monitoring team who will dispatch SIA approved responders to your site, in attendance with the local authorities.

Arranging Your Security Guard Service

If you can’t decide whether a manned guard or a virtual guard service is right for you, it’s possible to use them in combination. We can switch on your virtual guard system and arrange for periodic manned patrols of your site to provide that physical deterrent aspect of your security strategy.

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