Thrill-seeking such as climbing scaffolding

To gain access to neighbouring properties

All of these criminal activities can be prevented by investing in wireless alarms for construction sites. Sicuro is the leading provider of wireless alarms for the construction industry and can advise on the best installation strategy to ensure that your site, its assets and all personnel are kept safe from the threat caused by intruders.

Wireless Alarms

Benefits Of Using Wireless Alarms For Construction Sites

Wireless alarms are a versatile security solution for your construction site. Some of the main benefits of using this type of intrusion detection include:

Wireless Alarms


As our wireless alarms don’t require any cabling or power supply, they can be set up quickly and dismantled just as quickly at the end of a project when it’s time to move on to your next project site. If your existing site changes layout, then the configuration of your wireless alarms can also change with ease.

Wireless Alarms

Reduce False Alarms

As each security incident will be verified to determine if it is a genuine breach, this will significantly reduce the cost associated with false security events that may trigger an alarm.

How Do Wireless Alarms For Construction Sites Work?

Wireless alarms are the perfect solution for construction sites where power supplies may not be connected. As they are powered by battery with a life of up to 4 years, these can be installed quickly and within a matter of just a few hours to keep your building works protected 24/7.

Our wireless alarms use PIR motion sensors which will be positioned at key access points all over your construction site as advised by our expert wireless alarm security professionals. The PIR sensors are integrated with cameras which transmit 10 second video clips if they are triggered by an intrusion. These are automatically sent over to our NSI Gold accredited monitoring station where our team of security experts will verify these video clips to determine whether the security incident is genuine or a false alarm.

In the event that an authentic intrusion is taking place, our team will dispatch SIA-approved responders who will attend your construction site, backed up by the authorities if required to deal with the threat in person.

Cost-Effective Security Solution

When you need your site protected around the clock, particularly if your construction site is left unoccupied for a period of time, wireless alarms for construction sites represent a highly effective, yet affordable means of locking down your security. Instead of paying the salary of a physical guard to patrol your site 24/7, instead you can rely on our expert security team to keep an eye on your site remotely and respond only to authentic security threats.

As our wireless alarms are also weatherproof, you can be assured that they provide intrusion detection throughout every season unlike the alternative of hiring a physical security guard who may not be able to attend your site in poor weather.

If you’re ready to take advantage of our sophisticated wireless alarms for construction sites, our expert team of security professionals will be happy to help.

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