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Vacant Property

We can provide other vacant property security solutions in addition to our alarm to bolster security where necessary.

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Vacant Property Security has always been a challenge, often used to prevent squatters, vandals, and theft. Any vacant property is a haven for such opportunists. We will tailor our wireless alarm system to suit the needs of your property, advising on the best method to retain the integrity of the building.

The number of empty commercial and residential premises across the UK & Ireland continues to rise. There are many potential risks associated with leaving premises unattended that need to be taken care of. Having vacant property security screens and vacant building security helps prevent fires, theft and criminal damage to properties by monitoring, visiting and maintaining your site.

With our vast experience and understanding of the commercial property industry, we can provide other security solutions in addition to our alarm to bolster security where necessary, whether it be concrete blocks to secure a perimeter or manned patrols.

As our video verification alarm system is completely standalone and doesn’t require a mains power or internet connection, we can operate independent of any services, meaning utility supplies can be ‘capped off’ which is the case for most vacant properties.

We erect security signage throughout the property and perimeter warning opportunists of our presence. If this isn’t enough to warn off a potential threat, then the sound of our 120Db siren will be sure to do the job!

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Why does vacant property need to be secured?

If you have a property that is vacant for any period of time, then there’s a real risk that it may become a target of squatters, vandals or thieves. Some may use the vacant property as a means to gain access to an adjacent building. Others will use it to cause criminal damage, or simply as a place to reside due to its current inoccupation.

Vacant properties that are broken into are rarely treated well, which is why you should take immediate steps to protect your empty building and ensure that criminals are kept firmly at bay. By doing so, you will save money that would otherwise be spent on repairs, legal fees and other costs associated with trespassing.

How does vacant property security protect empty properties?

Vacant property security uses wireless alarm technology to safeguard your property. This type of system doesn’t require mains power or internet connection, which is useful when your unoccupied building doesn’t have access to these services. The technology can be installed within as little as 48 hours, meaning you won’t have long to wait before your property is protected.

Once in place, PIR cameras around the exterior of your building will pick up any intrusion and footage of any type of breach will be sent to our remote verification centre which is manned by professional security staff. Here, we’ll review the incident and dispatch SIA-approved responders within minutes, as required.

Is vacant property security a standalone strategy?

Our vacant property security technology is highly effective as a standalone service. It can be assembled quickly and dismantled just as rapidly once the occupation of the building changes. However, you may wish to strengthen your security strategy further by combining vacant property security with other services.

These might include erecting a robust perimeter around the building, with signage to warn off any intruders who are considering trespassing. We can also install a 120Db siren to sound out an audio warning to intruders. You might also consider booking an ad-hoc manned patrol of your site to deter criminals further. To discuss the security possibilities for your vacant property further, book a FREE site review with our experienced team today.

Completely Wireless & Battery Operated

Our wireless video verification alarm system is completely wireless and battery operated meaning it operates completely independent of an power source or network connection.

Fully adaptable

Our wireless video verification alarm system is completely wireless and battery operated meaning it operates completely independent of a power source or network connection.

Secured within 48 hrs

Our wireless video verification alarm system is completely wireless and battery operated meaning it operates completely independent of an power source or network connection.

24/7 manned monitoring station

On activation of one of the PIR cameras, a video of the intrusion is sent to our 24/7 manned monitoring station.

The intrusion is verified within seconds

The intrusion is verified within seconds.

Fully approved responder is contacted and attends site

If the intrusion is a genuine security breach, our fully approved responder is contacted and attends site. In some cases supported by the local services.

We don’t
just stop there

Our construction site wireless alarm provides an effective means of securing your development site.

We specialise in temporary visually verified security systems and our extensive list of blue-chip and national house builder clients is a testament to us. We now secure over 100 active sites across the UK which proves our ability and service.

Our wireless alarm is the most flexible and effective means of security for your construction site. As your site evolves we can adapt the system to suit. No hard wiring or power source necessary. We also offer flexible contract terms to tie in with your project with no cancellation fees applicable.

We operate around the clock 24/7 to ensure the safety of your site. We are here to support you and to provide assistance where necessary.


We have built up a very good working relationship with Sicuro over the last 2 years. They have not only fulfilled our security requirements for one of our construction projects in Billericay but, have always been on hand for any questions or support throughout this time. We will definitely be working with them again and highly recommend their services.

I have found Sicuro’s service and security system that they provide to our sites to be very efficient, easy to operate and they are always helpful in assisting us in our requirements.