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    Using Wireless Alarms for Vacant Properties

    Before installation, our team will take a detailed look at the site of your vacant property and will advise on the best positions for your PIR motion sensors. The inbuilt cameras connected to these sensors generate 10 second video shorts which are captured in the event that the sensor is triggered.

    These clips will be transmitted to our NSI Gold approved monitoring station which is manned by our team of security professionals. They will immediately review the video footage to determine if a genuine breach has occurred, or alternatively if it is a false alarm where no further action is required. This strategy will save you money on the cost of unnecessary callouts.

    In the event of a genuine security breach, our remote security team will dispatch SIA trained responders to visit your vacant property backed up by the police. Typically, there will be security personnel onsite within just a few minutes to deal with the intruders at your vacant property site.

    Versatility of Vacant Property Alarm Systems

    Wireless alarms for vacant properties don’t require any connected utilities to be in place as they are entirely battery operated and usually last for up to 4 years before you need to change the long-life battery. As such a convenient solution, your vacant property alarm systems can be set up extremely quickly, providing you with immediate security for your unoccupied building.

    If you foresee that you may need to use vacant property alarm systems in the future, perhaps between tenancies, then you’ll love the versatility of this technology as a security solution for your property. Our systems can be assembled, configured and dismantled quickly and with ease, allowing you to use the components of your wireless alarm every time you need to utilise intrusion detection.

    Affordable 24/7 Surveillance

    Wireless alarms for vacant properties are an extremely convenient and cost-effective solution to safeguard your building. However long you expect your building to be unoccupied for, you’ll need a robust security strategy in place. Although a physical security guard providing patrols of your building may also be an excellent deterrent to trespassers, the cost associated with paying a guard’s regular salary can be extremely expensive in comparison to our affordable vacant property alarm systems.

    Your building will be monitored 24/7 and site visits will only occur when there is an actual intruder present. Our vacant property alarm systems are 100% weatherproof too so you don’t need to worry about rain, wind, snow or storms.

    If you have a vacant property that needs securing, then the first step is to get in touch with our team of security experts at Sicuro. We’ll carry out a FREE, no obligation assessment of your vacant property site and advise you on our best wireless alarms for vacant properties. Call us today so we can start protecting your building asap!