Sicuro recommends vacant property CCTV towers both to dissuade intruders from crossing your boundary as well as monitoring and tracking the activity of anyone who does unlawfully access your site. Our team are experts in installing vacant property CCTV towers. Depending on your setup, you can choose from either the Duo or Solar design to secure your unoccupied building.

Vacant properties including unoccupied warehouses, industrial blocks, offices, retail units, pubs, restaurants are often targeted by squatters, vandals and intruders who might cause considerable damage to the building either by stripping it of raw materials, or else decorating it with graffiti or causing fire damage.

At the very least, you might expect to have to pay for bailiffs to remove squatters who have set up camp in your vacant properties. Deterring intruders from accessing your vacant property in the first place should be a priority for owners of unoccupied buildings which is where vacant property security deployment towers come in.

Why Choose

Duo Vacant Property CCTV Towers

If your building is still connected to the mains, then the Duo CCTV design is a fantastic solution. It can be set up in as little as an hour, and is a versatile solution allowing you to dismantle or reassemble quickly when your occupancy needs are altered. As a result, Duo vacant property CCTV towers are incredibly costeffective. These vacant property security deployment towers come with the following inbuilt features:

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The Duo rapid deployment CCTV uses both green LED lights to deter trespassers alongside infrared lamps which can be operative for up to 72 hours without power.


Visual Deterrent

Such as the Duo towering over your property come with 3 metres of housing and can be extended to 6 metres at full range. The physical presence of the Duo will deter intruders from attempting to intrude.


Smart Software

Video Content Analytics (VCA) are used as part of the Duo rapid deployment CCTV tower. This smart software detects movement and activity on its feeds which will be sent to our NSI Gold Approved Alarm Receiving Centre where our security experts will analyse the footage to detect if a genuine security breach is taking place.


Live Audio

Will sound out if a trespasser gets too close to your vacant property. This can be set up around the exterior of your building and will play out a warning stating that the property is monitored and that the appropriate authorities will respond.


Solar Rapid Deployment CCTV

Our Solar rapid deployment CCTV tower is an excellent alternative when power isn’t available, which can be a common challenge on construction sites. In locations in remote areas or on greenfield sites, it might not be practical to use generators to provide continuous power for CCTV towers, or else noise pollution can be an issue too. The Sicuro Solar tower is an eco-friendly and sustainable solution which doesn’t require any maintenance or refuelling for up to 5 months of use. However, it still provides many robust security features including:

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Thermal Technology Cameras

Which cover a range of 200 metres, ensuring that your entire vacant property is monitored. Thermal heat detection offers vast energy and cost-savings in comparison to lights illuminating your unoccupied site, which makes this an eco-friendly and affordable option for property owners.


Fuel Cell & Solar Technology

In combination relies on solar energy to provide the power, but in the event that not enough is available, the fuel cell will be utilised to power your vacant property deployment towers. The fuel cell can be changed approximately every 5 months as needed.

Sicuro are market leading experts in the supply and installation of vacant property CCTV towers.

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