If you’re putting together a security strategy to safeguard your unoccupied premises, then vacant property CCTV should be top of your must-have list. Sicuro are market leading experts in the security industry and can plan and implement your vacant property CCTV strategy to ensure that your empty building is protected for as long as you require.

Whether you expect it to be empty for a long period of time whilst you await development works to start, or else just a few weeks between tenancies, vacant property CCTV is the perfect solution for you.

How Does Vacant Property CCTV Work?

Your vacant property CCTV security strategy is made up of four steps: Activation, Alarm, Monitor and Respond.

There are four main stages in the process of using CCTV for your vacant property These are:

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Stage 1


CCTV cameras will be placed across your entire site, leaving no dark spots for intruders to take advantage of. Depending on the layout of your vacant property, it may be advisable to make use of CCTV deployment towers to ensure that you have full coverage of the entire zone.

Stage 2


In the event that an intrusion occurs, an alarm will be set off. The sophisticated technology used in our vacant property CCTV technology has a high level of false intrusion detection. This will remove the need for you to deal with false alarms and will ultimately save you money.

Stage 3


Once the alarm has gone off, footage of the security event will be transmitted to Sicuro’s remote monitoring station and the surveillance feed will be checked to determine if this is a genuine security breach or a false alarm.

Stage 4


Where the incident is deemed to be a genuine security breach, we will dispatch SIA-approved responders to arrive at your site within just a few minutes, backed up by the police to deal with the trespassers if deemed necessary.

Benefits of Using Vacant Property CCTV

Your vacant property CCTV uses a power source and can easily be networked to use several surveillance cameras across your unoccupied site.

For landlords and building managers, our surveillance systems provide maximum peace of mind that your building is safe from criminals. Some of the main benefits include:

  • HD 4K Quality imaging – ideal for zooming in
  • Customers can view feed from smart app
  • Feed can be watched across multiple devices
  • Time-lapse and ANPR Camera systems

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