Although it is now a criminal offence for people to squat in residential properties, it is so far only a civil offence to squat in commercial premises.

If your property is due to be unoccupied for some time, perhaps due to a change in tenancy or else because of a stalled construction project, it’s essential to put vacant property services in place to safeguard your building and its assets from the threat of intruders.

Your Assest

Camera system installed by a fully
qualified and certified Sicuro engineer.

Your Contractors

Camera system installed by a fully
qualified and certified Sicuro engineer.

Members of the Public

Camera system installed by a fully
qualified and certified Sicuro engineer.

Sicuro fully understands the concerns of owners who need to invest in secure empty property services. We provide a comprehensive range of vacant property security services which begin with erecting a strong perimeter around the boundary of your premises, as well as installing top-of-the-range intrusion detection technology to ensure that your vacant property is under our watchful eye 24/7.


Secure Empty Property Strategies

Sicuro offers the following types of vacant property security to lockdown your building and send out immediate alerts if an incident is to occur;


Sicuro can install CCTV in and around your vacant property for as long as it remains unoccupied. Our CCTV solutions provide 4K HD imaging which is essential for identifying faces or car licence plates for example.

This security technology is dependent on a power source but does allow you to remotely access the camera feed from a number of different devices. Inbuilt detection software also filters false activations so you’ll only be alerted when there is a genuine vacant property security incident.

Deployment Towers

Depending on the layout of your vacant property site, you might benefit from the use of deployment towers which are used in conjunction with CCTV to ensure full coverage of the entire premises.

When intruders are trying to sneak in, they rely on dark spots where no cameras are placed. Deployment towers are mobile and easy to install in even the most challenging conditions. They allow your cameras to stand tall and offer surveillance of the entire area. Deployment towers can be used as a standalone option or connected to other neighbouring towers depending on the vacant property protection services you require.

Wireless Video Verification Alarms

Where your utilities are no longer connected to your vacant property, our wireless video verification alarms are a popular option to secure your site. Our wireless CCTV alarms are operated by a Lithium battery with a 2-year life expectancy. Your CCTV feed will be monitored from a remote security station 24/7.

If an intrusion occurs, our security specialists will verify that this is a genuine incident and can dispatch an SIA approved responder within just a few minutes. They will typically be backed up by the police to deal with the intruders onsite.

Sicuro is ready to secure your vacant property. Get in touch with our team of security experts today and we’ll book you in for a FREE security assessment.


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