Thermo Screen

Our Temperature Screening Solution is able to detect body temperature which may indicate the presence of a fever, a symptom of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) from a safe distance.

The most recent threat to the construction industry is the Covid-19 pandemic which has caused largescale disruption to building projects across the UK. Many companies were forced to halt work during the first few weeks of lockdown, but construction workers are now back on site. Careful planning and social distancing regulations now need to be followed to ensure the safety of all personnel.

To prevent the spread of Covid-19, any construction worker who feels unwell will be advised that they must stay at home. However, construction companies can go one step further in preventing an outbreak by investing in a temperature scanner at the entrance of the site.

  • High Accuracy Temperature measurement accuracy +/- 0.3C
  • High Efficiency 1 second to detect a person’s temperature
  • Safe & Contactless Measurement Maximum measurement distance 3 metres
  • Multi Target Measurement 30+ people can be detected one after the other
  • Intelligent Analysis Face mask detection accuracy: >95%
  • Flexible Deployment Can be moved to different locations
  • Fast Deployment Quick and easy to set up and operate

How does a body temperature scanner work?

A thermal body scanner can be installed at the entrance of your construction site. Your employees will pass individually through the body heat scanner which will check the person’s core temperature. A fever of more than 37.8 degrees Celsius is one of the key signs of Covid-19, so the fever screening solution is useful in providing an immediate reading. It takes just 1 second for the forehead scanner thermometer to take an accurate measurement within +/- 0.3C.

Those with a regular body temperature will be able to pass through the fever scanner and continue with their required tasks, whilst adhering to social distancing guidelines. This provides peace of mind to construction workers that those they’re working alongside are cleared to be there.

What happens if you have a high scanner temperature?

If the infrared temperature scanner detects that someone has a fever, this provides the opportunity for your construction worker to be safely isolated without fear of the virus spreading amongst the rest of your crew. As the fever will have been detected before the worker has entered your site, this minimises the risk of delay to your operations.

Is a head scanner thermometer safe?

Your team can be assured that a temp scanner is entirely contactless, and a person’s measurement can be taken at a maximum of 3 metres. Employees will pass through the fever scanner individually, and you can implement social distancing markers to keep your queues safe whilst waiting to use the thermo screen. Alternatively, you might adjust shift patterns to minimise the amount of personnel arriving onsite at once. However, your temperature scanner is capable of taking the temperature of up to 30 people one after another if required, with face mask detection accuracy of over 95%.

How flexible are thermo screens?

As with all of our construction site security solutions, your thermo screen can be installed at speed and may be relocated to another project site as soon as you require. Depending on the size of your site, you may wish to utilise one or more digital temperature scanners and we can supply these at your convenience. If you’d like to learn more about our body temperature scanners or need one deployed in a hurry, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our fever screening solution team today.


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