Project Description

Sector: Pubs/Vacant

Customer: East Anglia Pubs Co

Site: The Ship, Leigh Hill, Southend-on-Sea

Sicuro were delighted to take on the security of this vacant Southend pub, ensuring 24/7 protection against intrusion and vandalism, 365 days a year.


The Ship had an existing security system in place with a different provider; however, the client was unhappy with the quality of service they were receiving. They were forking out money for false alarm activations and associated callouts which was a tremendous waste of cash. Additionally, communication was an issue with their service provider – they were frequently passed around to different contacts at their company and were ultimately dissatisfied with the security solution they had invested in.

Pubs require robust security to safeguard their staff, customers and assets of the business, including the premises themselves, whether they’re vacant or currently trading. Whilst everyone loves a good night out, problems can arise when alcohol is involved. From fights, drug dealing, and customers being removed from a pub, a security system is vital to oversee smooth operations and as a proactive defence against thieves who could target the property after hours. A reduced police presence on UK streets means that pub landlords and owners are reliant on the effectiveness of a high-quality security system to monitor the premises.

During the pandemic, the security needs of pubs have become even more complex, as premises in Tier 3 and 4 have closed. This means that the premises are essentially vacant which makes them a prime target for thieves, vandals and even squatters.

As such, there are multiple benefits of a security solution investment:

  • Security is provided at all times, regardless of the progression of the pandemic and local tier restrictions in place
  • Staff and customers will feel safe that there is a secondary level of protection if events get out of hand in the venue
  • Surveillance can be offered to cover every inch of the building from the main bar area, to the toilets and stairwells
  • Reduction in insurance claims


Sicuro offers a range of services which are suitable for securing a pub or other nightlife and entertainment venues, whether vacant or trading. In the case of The Ship, we installed wireless internal and external video verification cameras which are connected to an internal alarm panel. The PIRs are integrated with cameras which generate 10 seconds of video footage if they are triggered. This information is sent to our NSI Gold standard monitoring station to verify if the event is authentic or a false alarm. Our client will make cost-savings here in comparison to their previous provider, but is also safe in the knowledge that a genuine security event will be attended by an approved responder in as little as 30 minutes, and backed up by the police.

Additionally, we installed security warning signs on steel screens attached to the pub’s window openings as a deterrent to any opportunist criminals operating in the Southend area. The client was extremely happy with the service provided and the swift turn around in replacing and upgrading their existing security installation.

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