Project Description

Sector: Construction

Client: Synergy Property Group Limited

Site: Westminster, London

Duration of project: 2 years

Sicuro was tasked with securing this construction site in the heart of Mayfair, one of the busiest areas of the capital’s West-End.


Sicuro were approached by Synergy Property Group Limited to create a 2-year security strategy for the protection of 25 Berkeley Square. The building was being partly demolished with the existing upper levels from the 6th to 8th floors and the roof levels to be deconstructed. These were to be replaced with new 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th and roof levels to provide continued use of offices from the lower ground upwards.

A construction project of this magnitude in one of London’s most central locations needs sophisticated security to prevent intrusion and vandalism. Even in a busy area, criminals can use advanced techniques to break in and cause thousands of pounds of damage to an ongoing construction site.

The risks presented by this type of project include:

  • Threat to neighbouring buildings – criminals can potentially gain unauthorised access to adjacent properties by using the construction or scaffolding as an entry point.
  • Loss of raw materials or equipment – insurer Allianz Cornhill reveals that the UK construction industry loses £800 million each year in the theft of vehicles, machinery and other equipment.
  • Youth trespassing – children and teens are attracted to construction sites for thrill-seeking opportunities.
  • Vandalism – any attempt to tamper with equipment or structures on a construction site are a threat to anyone working in the vicinity as well as the general public.


Sicuro have extensive experience in construction site security and our wireless video verification system is the perfect ongoing solution for this challenge. This technology can work without a mains system or internet connection in place which is ideal during the various stages of construction work.

PIRs are installed at key points around the site to offer 100% coverage of every angle. These come equipped with inbuilt cameras which generate 10 second video clips upon activation. The surveillance footage links back to our NSI Gold accredited monitoring station where the security incident will be verified within seconds. In the event of an authentic breach, we will dispatch our highly trained responders to deal with the perpetrators on site.

Our wireless video verification systems can be erected in a matter of hours and are straightforward to disassemble and reassemble as the scope of the site evolves. They have an average battery life of up to 4 years which will entirely cover the duration of this security project.

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