Project Description

Sector: Commercial

Client: Signet Jewelers

Site: Borehamwood

Duration of project: Indefinitely

Sicuro has risen to the challenge of providing COVID-safe thermo screening solutions for Signet Jewelers, a commercial retailer based in Borehamwood.


The COVID-19 pandemic has transformed the retail industry, with many businesses now operating in survival mode. Although the government had forced non-essential retailers to close their doors for three separate periods of lockdown during the pandemic, the periods where shops have been allowed to open their doors haven’t been straightforward either. With significant health and safety regulations to adhere to, business owners must modify their premises and their operations to provide a COVID-secure environment for both their internal teams as well as visiting customers.

The risks associated with running a retail business are related to high-contact areas where customers and staff may be prone to touching stock, credit card machines, tills, tables or other touchpoints located around the premises. The COVID-19 virus is known to spread quickly indoors where surfaces can quickly become contaminated.

Additionally, if a person enters the premises and has either tested positive for COVID-19 but is choosing not to self-isolate or is entirely asymptomatic and has no clue that they’re infectious, then there is a risk to anyone in the vicinity. This continues to be a threat after the person has left the building.

Typical steps taken by retail owners include:

  • Providing regular hand sanitising stations for customers
  • Enforcing 2m social distancing around the premises
  • Setting up a one-way system around the building
  • Ensuring that staff follow NHS symptom-checking advice before every shift
  • Offering lateral flow testing for staff
  • Regular deep cleaning of the building and contents

Even with these strict measures in place, this unfortunately still doesn’t prevent any infectious person from entering the building, which is where Signet Jewelers wanted to go to extra lengths to keep their customers and personnel protected. Thermo screening was the perfect solution delivered by our security team.


Sicuro has provided thermo screening technology in response to the pandemic. Having a raised temperature or high fever is a recognised symptom of the COVID-19 virus so by taking the temperature of anyone arriving at your business, you can prevent them from entering the building and potentially spreading the virus further. Our thermo screens work by capturing a snapshot of a person’s core body temperature as they pass through our monitors. If the system detects a raised temperature, they can quickly be isolated and return home to arrange a COVID-19 test. Thermo screening can pinpoint the temperatures of up to 30+ people at the same time, so you don’t need to worry about any bottlenecks at the entrance of your building.

Sicuro provided three separate thermo screens and 22 handheld temperature-checking devices to Signet Jewelers to ensure that everyone in the building was protected from the spread of the Coronavirus.

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