Project Description

Sector: Construction / Housing Development

Client: Seagate Homes

Project Location: Poyle, Boston

Duration of project: 22 weeks

Sicuro were approached by Rob Fox of Seagate Homes who had seen our work on social media. He needed an urgent security solution for the company’s housing development under construction in Poyle, Boston and we were delighted to assist.


Seagate Homes had already experienced multiple instances of theft from their site when they got in touch with Sicuro for support. As they were constructing an extensive housing development, the entire site was packed full of materials and equipment, representing a prime target for thieves. Unfortunately, Seagate had already had several kitchens stolen from their site, at considerable cost to the project – both in terms of finances but also delays getting back on track.

The site was in desperate need of top-notch security during the last phase of development to protect the first phase already in place. This was quite a challenge due to numerous access points to the site, both by road and off-road too, which made this an easy target for intruders.


Following contact with Rob, our first step was to conduct a comprehensive security assessment of the construction project in Poyle, Boston. We start every project with this essential step as it allows us to review the current security strategy and assess any vulnerabilities that exist.

Sicuro’s recommendation was that the site needed an installation of two Greenlight BauWatch rapid deployment towers.

These are 6-metre-tall housing units that are a natural deterrent to intruders due to their height. The housing alone is 3-metres tall which is an incredibly obvious sign to thieves and vandals that their actions are being monitored. At the top of the tower, our surveillance cameras provide 24/7 coverage of the site using high-quality 4K footage. This video feeds back to our security monitoring system, and any security breaches, or attempted intrusions will be caught on camera and verified by our professional agents.

Genuine security incidents will result in trained responders attending the site to deal with the intruders, backed up by the local authorities.

Although we offer a solar-powered rapid deployment tower that has a backup fuel cell, in this case we recommended our Greenlight tower as power was already in place onsite. However, due to the vast scope of the development project, we needed to double up and use two towers to ensure that every inch of the site was covered.

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Both Sicuro and Seagate Homes are delighted with the outcome of this project and there have been no further intrusion or theft attempts from the site.

If you have a construction site or any other type of project that requires immediate security measures, then Sicuro are available. We provide a wide range of solutions including surveillance, deterrents, and alarm systems. To learn more and create a bespoke protection strategy for your site, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with Sicuro today on 0800 999 1888 or email to speak to our friendly team.