Project Description

Sector: Vacant Property

Customer: Savills

Site: Bradbury Park, Bradbury Drive, Braintree, CM7 2ET

Sicuro were tasked with providing 24/7 protection for nine newly built warehouse units in Braintree, Essex. These sites were vacant and in need of advanced security systems which Sicuro were delighted to design and install.


Savills contacted Sicuro to carry out a site security consultation on these brand-new warehouse units which had been erected without a functional security gate in place. This created a significant vulnerability in the security setup, which was also potentially inviting to fly tippers who would have been able to dump rubbish in the open forecourt area of the site.

Vacant properties are always a security risk, but this is heightened during the pandemic where there are more unoccupied buildings than usual and less people around to thwart an attack. This makes them a target for criminals who look to trespass, steal, cause damage or squat in these properties. Additionally, fly tipping has soared throughout COVID-19 as local councils have either closed or reduced the opening hours of recycling centres and rubbish disposal sites. In April 2020, within just a month of the pandemic taking hold in the UK, reports of fly tipping had increased by 300% according to local council statistics.

To ensure that Savills’ warehouse units were kept safe from the risk of intrusion or fly tippers, Sicuro carried out a detailed security analysis and identified vulnerable access points and joint access routes as being the key concerns.


Following our review, it was clear that Savills’ warehouse units required a multi-security strategy to provide the most robust solution to the challenge. Ultimately, this would prevent any type of criminal activity from taking place in the vicinity of the site.

Our work began by placing X60 concrete blocks along the roadside to create an impenetrable barrier to the site, whereby no vehicles would be able to gain access to either the warehouse units or the forecourt areas themselves. These blocks were supported by Sicuro’s clear security signage, warning any potential intruders about the 24/7 monitoring in operation on the site. This combination is always useful in dissuading trespassers from trying, or being able to proceed with their break-in.

Next, we installed our advanced wireless alarm panels which are linked to internal video verification cameras. In the event that one of these alarm panels is triggered, footage of the security incident will be monitored from our remote monitoring station. Where a genuine breach is taking place, trained SIA-approved responders will be dispatched to the site within minutes to deal with any intruders present. Alongside this security system, we also placed a 24-hour guard onsite over the Christmas period which is a critical time for security. The guard carried out regular checks of each vacant warehouse unit, plus patrols around the entire site every hour.

The combination of these security solutions satisfied insurance requirements for Savills and all were deployed quickly.

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