Project Description

Sector: Vacant Property

Client: Savills

Site: Prospect House, Quarry Wood Industrial Estate

Duration of project: 6-7 months

Sicuro were approached by Savills to provide vacant property security services for Prospect House, a commercial building in Aylesford. As an unoccupied office block, the site was at risk of intrusion by squatters and vandals, so required 24/7 monitoring to keep the premises secure.


The client informed us that the office had recently been vacated, and the landlord required the building to be monitored and alarmed 24/7. Vacant properties are a magnet for thieves, vandals and squatters who take advantage of the lack of personnel onsite to intrude and strip the property of its materials and can cause extensive damage including arson.

In addition to the typical security challenges associated with vacant property management, the landlord of Prospect House stipulated that the building also needed property inspections on a weekly basis to keep an eye on signs of ongoing wear and tear. In particular, we were tasked with:

  • Checking for water leaks
  • Monitoring for smashed windows
  • Taking meter readings as the electrical services are still active.

As well as requiring monitoring of the entire vacant site to check and respond to signs of intrusion, the client also required us to physically attend the property. Sicuro put together a customised security package to accommodate the entire scope of the project.


Each security project we take on has its own unique set of challenges which is why we take the time to create a bespoke solution to the problem. In this case, the offices at Prospect House were only recently vacant, but this provided us with the best chance of quickly mobilising our security services to ensure that the property didn’t come to any harm.

We always conduct a thorough site security assessment before beginning any project and this determined that our wireless video verification system was a great solution for the client. Vacant properties often aren’t equipped with mains power or a stable internet connection which is why our battery-operated and wireless alarm panels are a clear solution for owners of unoccupied buildings. The batteries can last for as long as 4 years, based on average conditions which means this is a truly ‘set it and forget it’ solution.

Once in place, the PIRs use integrated cameras to generate quick 10 second video clips on activation. If any event such as a security breach triggers the cameras, then footage will be sent off to our NSI Gold Accredited monitoring station to be reviewed by our advanced security professionals. Trained responders can be dispatched to the vacant property site in a matter of minutes if a genuine security breach is recorded.

During our assessment of Prospect House, we established the best solution was to install 2 x wireless alarm panels with internal video verification cameras providing 24h monitoring. These can remain in place for the entire duration of the project as required.

To meet the property management requests of the client, we also set up regular inspections to check for water leaks, smashed windows and fly tipping.  This security solution has given the site full protection and was mobilised with a quick turnaround. With these solutions in place, insurance requirements were also satisfied, whilst preventing break-ins, vandalism and squatters.

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