Project Description

Sector: Residential

Client: McCarthy Stone Retirement Home

Site: Chelmsford

Duration of project: ONGOING since December 2019

Sicuro provided 24/7 security for UK retirement communities developer, McCarthy Stone, prior to the construction of 45 one and two-bed apartments in central Chelmsford.


Challenge 1 – Due to the city centre location of this McCarthy Stone site and the vulnerable nature of the construction project, the developer understood the importance of having a watertight security solution in place. Sicuro’s National Account Manager, Tim Levi, was contacted to perform a FREE site security assessment to review the scope of the site and create a plan of action to ensure that any weaknesses were addressed.

Challenge 2McCarthy Stone always prioritises the wellbeing of the local community on any development they work on and stay in line with the Considerate Constructors Scheme to ensure minimum disruption to the public.

Therefore, McCarthy Stone wanted to allow live footage of the project to be shown and distributed across social media as a marketing point to showcase the progression of the development.


Solution 1 – Following our thorough assessment of the site, our recommendation was to use a wireless video verification alarm to offer 24/7 protection of the development, even when mains power isn’t connected. This was setup by installing an advanced wireless alarm panel which was connected to external video verification cameras. Lithium batteries are the source of power for this type of security solution and can last for up to 4 years, based on average conditions. If an alarm panel is triggered when the system is activated, then a 10 second video clip will be generated and reviewed by security experts at our NSI Gold monitoring station.

From here, if the incident is deemed to be a genuine breach rather than a false alarm, then trained SIA approved responders will be dispatched immediately to the site, typically backed up by the local authorities. Our responders are trained in conflict management and can deal with any intruders present.

As the Christmas period always creates extra security challenges due to a longer period of vacancy, we also provided security drive-bys at random times to check that this site was safe. This project began in December 2019, but towards the end of 2020, the client wanted to switch to CCTV instead which we were happy to arrange.

Solution 2 – As a solution to the live feed request, we arranged for installation of a PTZ camera to be placed on a site crane, with the live images being relayed back to an HD monitor. This allowed members of the public to be able to view the daily activity onsite.

We also supplied site banners and flags at no charge, to further cement the fantastic ongoing relationship with Sicuro and McCarthy Stone.

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