Project Description

Sector: Property Management

Customer: Principle Demolition Ltd on behalf of House of Fraser

Site: House of Fraser, Richmond

Sicuro were entrusted with the protection of this vacant House of Fraser branch building in Richmond for six months during extensive refurbishment works.


Due to the renovation project, where walls were to be removed by Principle Demolition Ltd, it was essential that the property remained protected from the threat of intrusion or vandalism. There was no mains power available throughout the duration of the project, which meant that the building’s regular burglar alarm system was inoperative. Without an intrusion detection system in place, the House of Fraser branch building in Richmond would have been left vulnerable. Furthermore, the cost of hiring a security guard as on-site protection would have been too expensive for such a long project.

Vacant properties are at significant risk as they are a haven for opportunists. In a popular and built-up area such as Richmond, there will have been a lot of unwanted attention on the renovation of this high-profile commercial branch building. Without advanced security solutions in place, you might have expected a range of problems including squatters, fires, theft and criminal damage of the property. The cost of rectifying any of these issues wouldn’t have just been related to material costs, but may also have caused considerable delays in the progression of the project.

By hiring Sicuro, Principle Demolition Ltd were able to benefit from our range of sophisticated solutions which are designed to secure vacant properties and prevent any of these criminal events from taking place.


Sicuro provides wireless security services for vacant properties which mitigate against the potential risks of leaving your premises unattended. In the case of the House of Fraser branch, we provided a thorough evaluation of the property in attendance with Principle Demolition Ltd who followed the recommendations in our detailed proposal.

The best course of action was to install our Videofied product – a wireless alarm panel in conjunction with wireless video verification cameras. Sensors which are triggered by motion were placed strategically around the site. When these were activated, our remote surveillance team were able to keep the property fully monitored 24/7 and check who was present within the building. As well as providing vital security to an otherwise vulnerable setup, this approach also saves the client money on the cost of false alarms. Videofied is the ideal solution for vacant property security as it is entirely mains-free and runs off lithium batteries which offer up to four years of power. It can also be deployed rapidly to offer maximum protection from the first day of your inoccupancy.

As an extra layer of intrusion prevention, we also placed warning signs around the building, to inform the public that the building was both alarmed and under surveillance.

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