Project Description

Sector: Education

Client: Diamond Build

Project Location: Black Boy Lane, West Green, London

Duration of project: 43 weeks

Sicuro were approached by the Diamond Build Group to deliver comprehensive security solutions for a school roof project on Black Boy Lane in West Green, Haringey.


This local Haringey school was having extensive work done to the roof and structure of the building which made it vulnerable throughout the project. Our client, Diamond Build, required sophisticated security solutions to cover the roof and the surrounding school site to protect the public, staff and pupils within the school. This was also required to ensure intruders weren’t able to access the scaffolding at a risk to themselves and the integrity of the building.

Unfortunately, schools are a common target for criminals and building works increase this risk. Schools in the UK are typically only open for 39 weeks of the year, meaning that they remain vacant for extended periods during half term breaks and the longer Christmas, Easter and summer holidays. Additionally, they are closed each weekend too.

With this information widely publicised on school websites and generally known by the public, this can make educational settings a prime target of criminals who can be attracted to the expensive equipment such as iPads and laptops left inside.

Whilst works are ongoing, thieves also see the value in building materials such as scaffolding or any equipment that is left in the vicinity.

As a result, Sicuro were tasked with designing and installing a sophisticated security solution that would keep the school on Black Boy Lane protected both during term-time and the school holidays.


The client initially requested that we install three dome cameras to cover the entire school roof along with the scope of the playground. Sicuro carried out a thorough site security assessment and deemed that these dome cameras wouldn’t offer sufficient coverage for the client.

Instead, we established that four CCTV cameras would be a superior solution, covering the requested area and keeping the entire premises and occupants protected.

Closed circuit television is regularly named by thieves as being the top deterrent when they’re considering their next target. This makes CCTV an absolute must for preventing any type of attack on a school, either during periods of inoccupancy as well as during the school day.

As each school is a different size and layout, it’s essential that your CCTV setup is designed as a bespoke system that takes the entire site into consideration. Sometimes this may mean using rapid deployment towers for extra height too.

The advantage of using CCTV as your security solution is that it can be installed quickly, and may be moved around if the configuration of your site changes, for example, if an extra classroom is added. You can also be assured that CCTV technology has progressed significantly in recent years. There are no concerns of viewing blurry pixelated footage when you opt for our modern security systems. Instead, you can expect quality HD 4K images in colour, that can be downloaded to a table or smartphone for your convenience.

The surveillance footage will be available to you 24/7 and you can even zoom in on details such as faces or car number plates as required for identification purposes.

In the event of a security breach, any activation will be handled by one of our trained SIA approved officers.

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