Project Description

Sector: Property Management

Customer: CBGA Robson

CBGA Robson provide professional advice on commercial investment, property and asset management as well as offering a variety of property management services, working with a range of clients and multiple portfolios.

Sicuro offered a free risk assessment to get an understanding of all the shop units and office space to come up with a security solution that is cost effective maximising the security but, at the same time, minimising the costs associated.

Vacant Property Inspections Combined with Technology

A site survey was carried out to determine the most cost efficient and suitable solution for securing the multiple shops and office unit. The client needed to action this as a matter of urgency as the keys were being handed back and no security was in place. Looking at crime statistics within the postcode area, this was a prime location for break ins and anti-social disturbances, so a fast turnaround was required.

Solution Since Implemented

Following the installation, no break-ins or breaches occurred since Sicuro’s security proposal was accepted and implemented.

Sicuro Wireless alarm and PIR cameras installed in each vacant shop and office space offering constant coverage and a deterrence against breaches across all units with 24/7 monitoring.

All shops on the ground floor were fitted with Wireless Internal Alarm Systems and PIR camera sensors which are monitored 24/7 combined with weekly internal and external property inspections making sure there are no leaks, smashed windows or damages as well as taking meter readings in each individual shop.


  • The presence of steel was creating unnecessary attention to the shops
  • Cost of a guard would spiral out of control due to length of project required

As such, there are multiple benefits of a security solution investment:

  • Security is provided at all times, regardless of the progression of the pandemic and local tier restrictions in place
  • Staff and customers will feel safe that there is a secondary level of protection if events get out of hand in the venue
  • Surveillance can be offered to cover every inch of the building from the main bar area, to the toilets and stairwells
  • Reduction in insurance claims


  • Weekly internal/external inspections carried out making sure all meter readings are taken in line with insurer requirements
  • Wireless Alarm System combined with wireless PIR camera sensors constantly armed and monitored 24/7

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