The Main Vulnerabilities Within A Construction Site

Strengthen Your Construction Security

The pandemic has created a surge in construction site thefts. How safe is your site?

When construction project works were suddenly abandoned during March 2020, as the nation was ordered into lockdown, this attracted a surge in break-ins to unoccupied construction sites. Opportunist attacks in the industry increased by a reported 50% during lockdown according to the Construction Equipment Association who announced that plant equipment, tools, vehicles and the sites themselves were all targeted. If you’re ready to tighten security on your own construction site, then your starting point will be to identify your main vulnerabilities.

Strengthen Your Perimeter

By providing your construction site with a clear boundary, this will help to prevent youths and members of the public from inadvertently wandering onto your construction site. To stop opportunist thieves in their tracks, you’ll need to go one step further by erecting robust fencing and concrete blocks along with signage warning intruders about the consequences of trespassing. If you can incorporate audio systems into your boundary, this will also play out a siren and/or audio message when trespassers are in the vicinity.

Vacant Site

Perhaps the main vulnerability in your construction site is any prolonged period of inoccupation. In a typical, non-Covid era, this would usually be during the evenings, weekends, bank holidays and any time where bad weather causes your project to stall. But of course, the pandemic may create even longer spells of vacancy. If you don’t have any guards offering their physical presence, then we can schedule site patrols as required. Alternatively, you can opt for virtual construction site security instead. A virtual guard service keeps a watchful eye on your premises 24/7, or on a schedule that suits you. The cameras can be armed and disarmed as required and your site will be monitored from a surveillance station. In the event that a security breach is detected and verified by our professional agents, we will immediately dispatch SIA-approved responders to deal with the intruders.

Securing Your Valuables

When considering the vulnerabilities in your construction site, it pays to think about this from the perspective of a criminal. What are they looking for? What can they easily make money from if they were to remove it from your site? In many cases, scaffolding offers a fantastic reward for intruders who have their eye on making a quick profit. By stripping your site of this valuable asset, they’re able to sell the raw steel on the market for a decent amount of money. Criminals are also aware that scaffolding is notoriously difficult for police to trace, which makes this is an easy crime. To prevent thieves from stealing or tampering with your raw materials, attach our scaffold alarms to your construction site which will raise the alarm when a breach is triggered.

If you’re ready to increase the level of security at your construction site, then we can help. We recognise that each site will have its own individual vulnerabilities, which is why we provide custom site reviews complete with a FREE, no obligation quote to outline our recommended plan of action. Our systems are scalable and versatile so they can easily be relocated or reassembled as required. Contact Sicuro today to provide watertight security for your construction firm.

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