Our 5 Key Factors To Keeping Your Vacant Property Secure

How Safe Is Your Unoccupied Building?

If you have a second home or commercial premises sitting empty, now is the time to secure it before it’s targeted by criminals.

There are around 200,000 vacant residential properties in the UK according to the Guardian, and around 10% of retail premises in the capital are also empty. These figures will likely increase as firms are put out of business during the pandemic. For landlords, now is the time to take action and ensure that any unoccupied buildings you own are secure from the threat of squatters, vandals and trespassers. Here are the 5 top ways to keep your vacant property secure.

Robust Perimeter

Vacant property security begins by preventing criminals from gaining access to the building in the first place. This means erecting a strong perimeter around the outskirts of your premises to make it extremely clear to potential trespassers that they should not proceed past this point. As well as installing warning signs, you can use concrete blocks to secure your perimeter and put a stop to criminals getting any further.


Whilst you’re building your perimeter, it’s often a good idea to include a loud 120Db siren which will play out as soon as someone crosses the border. Even for those who have not been put off by the obvious ‘trespassing’ signs, the loud sound of the siren, and the obvious attention it will bring is often enough in halting the plans of opportunist intruders.


Convicted criminals frequently state that CCTV surveillance systems would be a number one turn-off when plotting which sites to target in their activities. Whether they’re looking to steal assets or cause vandalism, the threat of being seen and recorded on camera is usually enough to dissuade them. Our CCTV cameras can be deployed using towers to ensure that every spot of your vacant property site is entirely covered. If your vacant property isn’t connected to power, then you might wish to take advantage of our Sicuro Solar product which is a standalone solar-powered CCTV tower. This utilises thermal cameras and fuel cell technology to allow it to run for up to six months without being serviced.

Wireless Verification Alarm

An alternative to our CCTV solutions is our wireless verification alarm service. This is also ideal for vacant properties which don’t have the benefit of an internet connection or mains power. This incredibly portable solution can be up and running within a matter of hours, to offer excellent protection for your vacant property. Wireless verification alarms use PIRs which will produce automatic 10 second video clips if they are triggered by a possible breach. These videos are transmitted to our NSI Gold accredited monitoring station to be viewed by our experienced security professionals. If a security incident is deemed to be genuine, then responders will be dispatched in real time to deal with the perpetrators.

Manned Patrols

Some landlords like the security of a manned patrol taking place around the site of their vacant property. It’s certainly true that the physical presence of a guard can be extremely off-putting to opportunist criminals who are planning a break-in. We offer manned patrols on a scheduled or ad-hoc basis to suit your circumstances.

If you have a vacant property to secure, then don’t sit around and wait for it to be targeted. Get in touch with Sicuro today for a FREE security consultation and your building will be in safe hands.

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