How To Deter Thieves On Construction Sites

Protect Your Construction Firm From The Threat of A Break-In

Construction site theft can cause project delays, property damage and loss of profits for your company. Learn how to deter thieves from targeting your site.

Construction site theft is a problem that costs the industry an estimated £800 million per year. In fact, this type of crime accelerated further throughout lockdown by an estimated 50% due to the abandonment of sites across the UK. With uncertainties about how the second wave will affect the government’s ‘Build, Build, Build’ program, it’s time for construction firms to enhance their security strategies. Implement the following measures to prevent thieves from damaging your construction firm.

Locking Away Your Valuables

Before thieves break into your site, they’ll have an idea of the type of goods that they’re hoping to steal. Unfortunately, many construction firms don’t lock away their tools, materials or vehicles properly, which makes them an easy target. Criminals may be interested in your scaffolding, excavators, bowsers or any other valuables that are left unsecured and lying around. Construction site security can be improved simply by tidying away these items after every shift and keeping them out of sight.

Impenetrable Perimeter

Starting with the area of your site that thieves will first come into contact with, the perimeter around your works must be absolutely watertight to prevent any intrusion. If potential trespassers can see that it would be too challenging to attempt a break-in, then they’ll look elsewhere to find another construction site which isn’t as well secured. The boundary around your site can incorporate concrete blocks to act as a stable base for your fencing. Additionally, you can rig a loud 120dB siren to play out a piercing alert sound if intruders dare to get too close to your site. If trespassers have failed to take notice of the warning signage that you’ve attached to your fencing, then they won’t be able to ignore the audio message that is triggered.


Closed circuit television is regularly listed as being one of the most effective deterrents for thieves. The items that criminals steal from your site are notoriously hard to trace. However, if surveillance footage allows you to capture the image and car licence plate of thieves on camera, then of course it becomes much easier to track down the perpetrators. Sicuro can plan and install a comprehensive CCTV system to oversee every inch of your construction site using our superior deployment towers. Although our surveillance cameras can be hidden out of sight where required, they’re an incredibly effective deterrent to thieves. Not all construction sites have access to power, which is where our Sicuro Solar product comes in. This standalone solar-powered CCTV tower will run for up to six months using fuel cell technology before maintenance is required.

Site Patrols

Sicuro offers a range of security monitoring methods to keep track and respond to any criminal activity taking place on your site. However, as well as our wireless security methods, we can also offer traditional site patrols. These can be carried out on a schedule that suits you by our professional SIA-approved security agents. Any criminals in the area will be deterred by the presence of guards patrolling the site.

If you would like to learn more about the best security methods for your construction site, then please do not hesitate to get in touch with our team today. Contact 0808 189 0732 and we will book you in for a FREE site survey.

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