If you have an unoccupied building in Manchester that isn’t secured, you could be leaving yourself open to the threat of intrusion, vandalism or squatting.

Whether your domestic or commercial property is vacant between tenancies, or perhaps because of delayed building works, it’s critical that you invest in our cost-effective vacant property security Manchester strategies to safeguard your building and protect your valuable assets.

Vacant Property Security Companies Manchester

Sicuro is the leading provider of vacant property security systems in Manchester and our specialist engineers are ready to conduct a FREE site review to advise you on the best strategy to lock down your building.

By investing in our top-rated security products, you’ll save yourself thousands in the potential cost of damages to your empty premises. Without our vacant property alarms Manchester system as well as our other essential security solutions, you might expect to pay out for fire damage, building repairs, the cost of bailiffs to get rid of squatters, and graffiti removal.

Our vacant property security Manchester team of specialists can plan, install and maintain a wide range of security packages to suit the setup of your unoccupied building. We can advise you on the most innovative intrusion detection technologies and will help to create a bespoke solution for your specific circumstances. From creating an impenetrable boundary, to providing our ground-breaking vacant property CCTV security systems Manchester product, you can be assured that your building will be in safe hands when you trust in Sicuro.

Best Vacant Property Security Systems in Manchester

Sicuro can deliver a variety of security solutions to safeguard your property. These can either be used as standalone products, or else as a comprehensive suite depending on your individual requirements.

Creating A Robust Perimeter

To deter intruders from approaching your vacant property, we can erect a robust boundary, complete with a loud 120dB siren and strong fencing.

Vacant Property CCTV Manchester

Our vacant property CCTV security systems Manchester team can design and install a watertight surveillance program to ensure that your entire site is monitored 24/7.

We use state-of-the-art CCTV solutions which utilise the best 4K HD imaging to make identification a simple task. You can remotely access your vacant property CCTV Manchester feed from a variety of platforms, including smartphones or desktop devices. Our CCTV product includes inbuilt intrusion detection which can also highlight false activations, meaning that events will only be responded to when they’re an authentic security breach.

CCTV Rapid Deployment Systems

The configuration of your vacant property site may mean that standard surveillance can be a challenge when you need to monitor the entire perimeter. By using rapid deployment towers alongside your vacant property CCTV Manchester system, your surveillance cameras can reach otherwise inaccessible areas of your site.

The size of our mobile deployment towers makes them unmissable which is also a key deterrent to intruders. Deployment towers can be installed quickly as a standalone service, but may also be networked to other deployment units for extensive coverage of the vicinity.

Wireless Vacant Property Alarms Manchester

Our wireless video verification alarms are a fantastic solution if your empty building doesn’t currently have access to a power supply. Our vacant property alarms Manchester product are powered by a 2-year Lithium battery which makes this a long-lasting and versatile solution for your unoccupied premises.

In the event that an intrusion is detected by your surveillance feed, this will be reviewed from our remote monitoring station by our specialist security engineers, who will verify the breach and dispatch trained SIA approved responders, in combination with the police to deal with the intrusion.

If you have an empty building to secure, help is at hand. Get in touch with our team of vacant property security Manchester professionals today to book in for a FREE site assessment.


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