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Site Security Manchester

Are you looking to maximise security on your Manchester-based construction project? Sicuro are pleased to introduce our expert site security Manchester team. By working with our team of professionals, you will be taking significant steps to safeguard your assets and personnel.

Building sites and vacant properties are routinely targeted by criminals throughout Manchester and the surrounding area, which is where our site security Manchester team will be invaluable to you. The setup of construction sites and vacant properties means that they are temporary by nature. As such, this creates challenges with vulnerabilities in the security setup of these sites which require protection.

Our site security Manchester team have extensive experience in protecting premises and building works across the entire region. This includes using advanced strategies to stay guarded against crime.

Using Site Security Manchester Strategies for Maximum Gain

The sites we protect in Manchester and across the Greater area include:

  • Building sites
  • Commercial projects
  • Vacant properties

By using a single method or combination of our security solutions, criminals across Manchester may be halted in their attempts to cross the perimeter of your site. The installation of our systems will ensure that your site is guarded 24/7 if required, or otherwise on a schedule that suits you.

Our site security Manchester team will put together an effective plan to:

  • Prevent intruders from breaking into your site
  • Provide visual deterrents to dissuade intruders from targeting your site
  • Check for any unusual or unauthorised actions
  • Provide a rapid response in the event of a genuine security breach

Why You Need Site Security Manchester Solutions

Sicuro’s site security team can suggest a wide range of security solutions. These can be arranged on a standalone basis or in combination with other solutions depending on the strategy you require to secure your site.

When selecting your security solutions, it is important to focus on the types of crime you need protection from. Typical crimes may include:

  • Theft of scaffolding, construction equipment, vehicles, machinery and other valuable raw materials
  • Intrusion with the intention of causing vandalism
  • Youths trespassing on your site, putting themselves and your personnel in danger

Best Site Security Manchester Innovations

After speaking to our professional security team, you can choose the following solutions to form your own bespoke security package:

  • Wireless site alarms – a wireless video verification alarm will be connected to your site, carrying out monitoring activities 24/7. If an intrusion is detected, footage of the incident will be sent to our remote security station to be verified. In the event of an authentic breach, trained SIA responders will be instructed to attend your site within minutes.
  • CCTV – if you require extensive surveillance of your site, closed circuit TV cameras can be set up strategically around your site. Deployment towers will ensure that every inch is covered to provide you with a comprehensive security feed.
  • Vacant Property Security – vacant properties need securing to prevent squatters, vandals and other criminals from trespassing. Wireless alarm systems are essential in detecting and responding to any opportunist attacks.
  • Security Guards – we can supply either physical guards to carry out site patrols or else a virtual guard service which will monitor your site from a remote location. Either can be arranged on an ad-hoc basis or a predetermined schedule directed by your requirements.
  • Scaffold alarms – if your site is home to assets such as scaffolding, you can lock these down by attaching detection alarms to your construction materials.

If improving security at your local site is a pressing concern, then get in touch with our specialist site security Manchester team as a top priority. Contact us today for a FREE site review.

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