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Construction Site
Security in Manchester

Sicuro are proud to offer leading construction site security Manchester teams to lock down your project works and keep your assets and personnel safe from the threat of criminals.

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The UK is experiencing a hike in construction theft, as both spontaneous and planned attacks on sites have now been reported by at least 50% of building firms. Due to the temporary nature of construction sites, many vulnerabilities exist for criminals to take advantage of, which is why you need superior, yet cost-effective security solutions to defend your project from these threats.

Our construction security Manchester team are experts in protecting your assets and all onsite personnel as well as members of the public using our top-rated security packages.

Construction Site Security Systems in Manchester

Sicuro can offer a wide range of security solutions which are offered on a bespoke basis to ensure that you’re only paying for the precise products that you need to lock down your project. Typically, your site may be affected by:

  • The theft of raw materials including scaffolding or construction tools and machinery
  • Accidental or malicious vandalism
  • Trespassing youths who see your site as an opportunity for fun but put themselves in significant danger by being there

As your top choice of construction site security companies Manchester wide, Sicuro understands the vulnerabilities that may exist in your site.

Our highly experienced security engineers will begin by conducting an extensive survey of your construction site to form a comprehensive strategy so that you have maximum peace of mind that your site is 100% protected.

Sicuro’s Construction Security Manchester Approach

Criminals in Manchester can be stopped in their tracks by using our approach to defending your construction site 24/7. Our strategy is to:

  • Deter intruders from trespassing on your construction site
  • Prevent an attack by those who attempt to break in
  • Monitor your site 24/7 to check for any unauthorised activity
  • Respond rapidly in the unlikely event of a security breach

Specialist Construction Site Security Manchester Products

The following security innovations can be installed either on a standalone basis or as part of your bespoke security suite. You can choose from:

  • Construction Site CCTV Manchester – Surveillance cameras will be positioned strategically around your site, with deployment towers if required, to provide extensive monitoring of your entire project. Intrusions will be captured and verified on your surveillance feed by our construction site CCTV security systems Manchester team.
  • Wireless construction site alarms Manchester – In the event of a break-in, your wireless video verification alarm will detect any intrusion and transmit footage of the incident to our 24/7 remote monitoring station. Approved SIA responders will be dispatched to deal with the trespassers in the case of a genuine intrusion.
  • Scaffold Alarms – Protect your construction and your valuable raw materials from theft by attaching these innovative detection alarms to your scaffolding.
  • Vacant Property Security – If your construction site includes an unoccupied building, our construction security Manchester team can set up wireless alarm systems to prevent trespassing by vandals or squatters.
  • Virtual Guard Systems – Your construction site will be watched remotely by our specialist security team on a pre-determined schedule that suits you.
  • Site Patrols – The presence of a physical guard cannot be underestimated when it comes to deterring criminals from trespassing on your site. We can dispatch professional guards to you as required.
  • Commercial Drones – If you need a comprehensive overview of your site security, as well as meeting compliance standards, carry out a risk assessment by using our commercial drones.
  • Wireless Fire Alarms – Used in conjunction with our other security products, ensure that your personnel and assets are protected from the risk of fire with our innovative wireless fire alarm products.

If your current security strategy is somewhat lacking, get in touch with our specialist construction site security Manchester team today and book in for a FREE site review.

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