Sicuro’s building site security Manchester team can provide you with a wide range of solutions to safeguard your next construction project.

21% of building sites are robbed on a weekly basis according to the Chartered Institute of Building. The reasons these sites are targeted include:

  • The resell value of raw materials including scaffolding
  • Theft of unsecured construction equipment
  • Difficult traceability of such equipment by the police

If you want to protect your building site from the threats of planned or opportunist crime, then Sicuro is best-placed to serve you.

Vulnerabilities in Your Building Site Security

Our professional building site security Manchester experts will identify and lock down any existing vulnerabilities in your current setup. Due to the temporary nature of building sites, they can be challenging to secure, which is where our versatile security strategies come in. Typical weak points in your site may include:

  • The perimeter around your building site
  • Adjacent buildings which can be used as entry points to your site
  • Scaffolding which can be accessed from beyond the perimeter of your site
  • A front gate without any access control in place
  • Dark corners of your site which are hidden from surveillance

The good news is that all of the above weaknesses and vulnerabilities can be made secure by the solutions provided by our building site security Manchester team.

Why Choose Our Building Site Security Manchester Pros?

Beginning with a FREE assessment of your building site, our team of experts will assess where the vulnerabilities lie and make recommendations to mitigate the risk of a targeted attack by criminals.

We can plan and implement a range of advanced security innovations which may be used on a standalone basis. Otherwise, by opting for a combination of solutions you can increase your response to this type of crime.

We will present you with a range of contemporary intrusion technologies which will:

  • Create a robust barrier around your building site
  • Keep the area monitored 24/7 as needed
  • Provide authorities with detailed surveillance footage to assist in enquiries
  • Dispatch approved responders onsite within a matter of minutes to deal with intruders

Range of Building Site Security Manchester Solutions

Our professional team can provide you with the following technologies:


Closed circuit television provides surveillance of your entire site regardless of its scope or size. In the case of difficult layouts, we can supply deployment towers to assist in reaching all areas of your site.

Wireless site alarms

Mains power may not always be readily available on building sites, which makes our battery-operated wireless video verification alarms such a versatile product. They will be linked to the perimeter of your site and can track any unusual activity taking place. In the event of a potential intrusion, footage of the security incident will be transmitted in real time to a 24/7 remote monitoring station for verification. Approved SIA responders will be dispatched in the case of a genuine breach.

Security Guards

Sicuro offers two forms of building site security Manchester guards. You can opt for a virtual guard system to remotely monitor your site on a schedule that suits you. Alternatively, we can supply physical guards to carry out patrols of your building site as needed. Many of our clients choose to use both solutions in tandem.

Scaffold Alarms

As one of the most targeted assets on your building site, scaffolding can be secured by attaching an intrusion detection alarm to your construction. This will protect not only the materials, but also any personnel who work in the vicinity of your scaffold.

If your local site could benefit from advanced security technology, then get in touch with Sicuro’s building site security Manchester team today to arrange a FREE site assessment.


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Are you ready to put some extra construction site security measures in place?

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