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If you’re a building owner or manager, then you’ll recognise the importance of having a robust security strategy in place to protect both your building and its occupants, as well as any valuables within. Security doesn’t just relate to keeping intruders at bay though; fire safety should be a crucial part of your strategy too. This guide will describe how fire alarm systems work and explain why they should form an integral part of your security plan.

Your obligations as a building owner or manager

Each property has its own set of security risks which means that your fire safety plan should always be tailored to your specific environment. If you run a business from your building, or if you’re a commercial landlord or building manager then you are responsible for carrying out a detailed fire risk assessment. This will help you to identify any vulnerabilities and take the necessary action to protect against them.

As well as having a comprehensive evacuation plan in place, and erecting clear fire safety signage around the building, a wireless fire alarm system should be a priority to secure your building.

Immediate protection

It is recommended that your fire alarm system be installed as soon as you take over ownership of a building. If you are working on a construction site, then your wireless system can be implemented from day 1 of your works. This will provide full protection of all assets, possessions and personnel in the vicinity. Depending on the layout of your building or site, your fire points and sensors will typically be placed in key locations such as stairwells, lift shafts or other enclosed areas such as portacabins.

Run without mains power

As a battery-powered system, our wireless fire alarm does not require any connection to mains power. This means that you don’t need to worry about the system not working in the event of a power cut or if someone forgets to pay the utility bill! Your only consideration will be changing the battery approximately every two years to benefit from full fire safety protection.

If the layout of your building or construction site changes, then you won’t need any additional cabling for your fire safety plan to remain intact. As a standalone option, your wireless fire alarm system can be used in multiple configurations. It’s easy to assemble and disassemble the service as needed.

Monitor and response actions

So, what happens in a worse-case scenario? Once your bespoke fire alarm system has been installed and is activated, you will have peace of mind that the sensors are being monitored 24/7. This means that if any signs of fire trigger the sensors, then any genuine activation will be responded to immediately by trained SIA approved officers, backed up by the emergency services as required.

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