Introducing BauWatch – the temporary surveillance system provider which helps us to help you. And with Sicuro on hand to install, monitor, manage, and act on any security risks which could impact your site, you’re free to clock in and clock out when you need to, without the risk of break-ins or theft.

The importance of on-site security

When you operate, manage, or work on a construction site, you need to know that both the site itself and all of your equipment and gear is safe – even when you’re not there.

Here at Sicuro, we partner with the best surveillance systems in the business so that security is no longer a worry or a problem, with the BauWatch surveillance systems offering a temporary, portable, and highly versatile solution for sites of all sizes and across all industries.

So, why should you put your faith in BauWatch?

The benefits of BauWatch

Able to be hired on a short term or long term basis, the number one benefit of a BauWatch security system is that it presents a temporary and versatile solution which can be moved around your site, and which provides high level surveillance without the high cost of a permanent installation.

With the rapid deployment towers fast becoming a must-have on sites across the UK, other benefits include:

  • Cost effective surveillance, giving you peace of mind without the high cost of installing permanent cameras. Not to mention, with rapid deployment towers, cameras can be moved according to need, rather than having to install new ones as you move gear across the site.
  • At a total extended height of 9m, these versatile tower surveillance solutions not only cover a large area themselves (up to 200m radius) but are high enough to put any criminal off. This 9m height comes from a 3m housing unit and extendable 6m stand on which the camera is mounted.
  • BauWatch surveillance systems are powered by solar panels, which converts solar energy into usable electric charge via fuel cells for long term, sustainable energy.
  • Smart technology means that each and every BauWatch tower and surveillance system is linked to our central alarm hub. This enables us to monitor and act on any movement or criminal activity fast.
  • The time from arrival on site to installation and full operation is around one hour – making these a fast and effective solution when you need security.
  • Each of the BauWatch rapid deployment towers operates a 360 moveable camera, allowing a single camera to check for movement around a large radius.

While the rapid deployment towers are some of our most versatile and popular on-site solutions for security and surveillance, by partnering with BauWatch here at Sicuro we are able to offer a broad range of alternative solutions.

A wide selection of BauWatch surveillance solutions

From scaffold alarms to wireless alarms, CCTV set-ups and manned guards with access barriers for entry to and from site, here at Sicuro we have a solution for constructions sites of all shapes and sizes.

Working with the BauWatch team, we ensure that every system is fully operational from the moment you need it, with our monitoring service leaving you free to focus on the projects without worrying about the security and safety of your site.

To find out more about the surveillance solutions we offer, get in touch with us today.