Whilst many of the latest security innovations rely on technology, it’s impossible to rule out more traditional solutions such as concrete barriers when putting together the protection strategy for your site. Sicuro offers the installation of a wide range of high quality precast concrete barriers which are available either to purchase or rent. This guide will explore the ways in which you can use these blocks for either your commercial or domestic security project.

 Prevent unauthorised access

The main priority when using concrete blocks is to prevent unauthorised access to your site, particularly from vehicles. Pedestrians pose much more of a threat to your building when they use a vehicle, as they can use it to force their way through substandard security fences or other weaker barriers. Trespassers often drive a getaway vehicle that may have been loaded with raw materials or equipment, but they can also use a truck or van to fly tip on your land too. Concrete barriers create a robust barrier which vehicles simply cannot pass through. If you have any experience of intruders parking on your land, then our blocks will also protect you against this.

Boundary demarcation

You can use concrete blocks on unlimited areas of your site. Common applications include using them on the outer perimeter to clearly define the boundary to your property. However, you can also position them internally too. You might choose to mark out exclusion zones within your site, which unauthorised personnel must not pass through. Alternatively, they’re a handy way to control the flow of traffic through a larger expanse of ground.

Weather resistance

The UK can experience strong weather conditions at any time of year which can have an adverse effect on weaker security solutions. If you are using metal fencing or any other insubstantial barrier, then you can’t predict if it will stay in place during strong winds, hail or thunderstorms. Concrete barriers can stand in place of any other type of fencing and will offer you resilient and durable security throughout all seasons.

Visible Deterrent

Visible deterrents are an effective way to halt an intrusion, and anyone who is considering trespassing onto your construction site or vacant property will automatically notice the concrete blocks in place. This adds a real sense of physical security to your premises, demonstrating that the owners or managers of the site are invested in security.

Permanent or temporary solution

Although they are robust, concrete blocks are also a versatile security solution that can be installed quickly and easily. The layout can also be reconfigured as required, by speaking to our expert team. Whether you need to install concrete blocks on a permanent or temporary basis, you can be assured that they will be a valuable addition to your security strategy, and the first line of defence for your site.

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