The UK spends an astonishing £2.2bn on CCTV surveillance technology each year, making us one of the most spied-on countries in the world. In London, there is one CCTV device for every 13 people living in the capital and the average resident is captured on camera approximately 300 times a day. In far more remote corners of the UK, such as the Shetland Islands, there are more surveillance cameras in operation than are used by the police department of San Francisco!

CCTV is an essential part of our nation’s approach to security and are an additional aid for detecting and reporting on Health and Safety problems that could occur on site. But not all surveillance equipment is created equally. If you’d like to secure the interior or exterior of your property or site, choose the best CCTV systems from our Sicuro range.

Wireless Video Verification Cameras

If you need to secure vacant premises or a construction site which doesn’t have mains power or an internet connection in place, then a wireless, battery-operated surveillance system is the perfect solution. This can be installed in a matter of hours, which makes it ideal for temporary security. Wireless video verification alarms have PIRs with inbuilt cameras which will generate 10 video clips if they are activated. If a breach triggers the cameras, then footage will be sent to our remote NSI Gold Monitoring station to check whether the event is authentic. Trained responders will then be dispatched as required to the site within minutes.

4K HD CCTV Systems

Our IR fixed bullet network camera requires a power source but promises exceptional high-definition imaging which is ideal for zoom-ins if you need to identify an intruder after the event. This type of temporary CCTV unit works well in construction sites, fly tipping zones and other high-risk environments. The CCTV cameras can be accessed remotely for peace of mind when you’re not on-site, and also utilises advanced detection technology to eliminate the cost and inconvenience of false activations.

RapidEyez Tower

RapidEyez is a military grade security system which offers 360-degree panoramic views of your entire site. Each of the towers we install will include three cameras with both day and night lenses which can detect up to 35 metres. Identification is made easy with our towers, which are powered by AI self-learning software to filter out any false activations. For ultimate convenience, RapidEyez is battery-operated and uses 4G connectivity, so you can install it wherever you like.

Sicuro Duo

The Sicuro Duo has an imposing 24ft central column which acts as an excellent visual deterrent to anyone considering an intrusion of your site. The Duo model includes a combination of 2 LED floodlights and 2 Infrared lights to ensure that any activity is clearly visible. Detection is captured within a range of 150 metres using the 180-degree vandal proof PTZ dome camera.  Live audio will play out to any intruders warning them that they’re on camera and that the authorities have been called.

Sicuro Solar

If you require CCTV for a remote greenfield site which doesn’t have access to power, then you’ll want the reassurance of our Solar surveillance product. This standalone system is solar powered but includes a fuel cell as a backup which doesn’t require refuelling or maintenance for 5 months at a time. The Solar is a thermal camera which offers a 1.2km detection range.

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