There are 5.2 million CCTV cameras in the UK, which places us as the third most watched nation in the world. CCTV security systems provide reassurance that your construction site, vacant property, home, business or local neighbourhood is under surveillance, and that any security event or criminal activity would be captured by the footage. In fact, CCTV is named as the number one deterrent by thieves when they’re planning their next target. If you’re considering investing in CCTV, here are the top 5 CCTV security system features you need to know about.

Flexible security solution

Sicuro provides specialist CCTV security solutions for high-risk areas such as construction sites and vacant properties. As these sites are constantly evolving in size and scope, you’ll need a flexible form of technology that adapts to your ongoing needs. The benefit of CCTV is that it can be assembled within a matter of times to provide rapid protection of your site; equally, it can be dismantled just as quickly and moved to another area as needed. The position of your cameras can be modified to provide optimal monitoring of your site.

24/7 protection

Once your cameras are activated, you can expect round-the-clock surveillance of your designated site area unless you choose otherwise. Unlike some security methods such as using manned patrols where a guard is physically present for a set shift, your CCTV cameras will be fully operational throughout the day, night, weekends and over the holidays. This provides peace of mind that your site is protected during quiet or vacant periods.

HD 4K quality images

CCTV has moved on significantly since the days of blurry, pixelated footage that made it challenging to identify anyone. When you invest in our sophisticated CCTV systems, you have the convenience of watching your surveillance from a dedicated app which you can download to your smartphone or tablet. You can expect crystal clear imagery in full colour HD 4K quality, and the ability to zoom in to reveal facial features, car licence plates and other useful means of identification.

Full site security

Any security solution is only effective when it covers every angle of your site. If you leave an area of your site exposed, then this will be the perfect opportunity for trespassers to break in. Advanced CCTV systems offer full security protection, meaning that there are no dark spots left for intruders to take advantage of. This will be accomplished by a comprehensive site security review where we will design the best positions for your CCTV cameras.

Combination with other security methods

CCTV offers excellent round-the-clock monitoring of your site and can be used as a standalone service. However, it also works well when integrated with additional security measures such as rapid deployment towers and scaffold alarms.

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