Raw materials are always high in demand but the surging prices of lumber, plywood and other construction staples during the pandemic have created incredible opportunities for thieves. Similarly, tools and other expensive equipment housed on-site are all ripe for the picking. If you don’t have adequate security in place, then unfortunately, it’s a question of when, not if, your site will be targeted. The first step is to recognise that your security is lacking and then follow these three main tips to deter thieves from even attempting to access your site.

Rapid deployment towers

Sicuro is currently offering a two-week FREE trial of our rapid deployment towers. These surveillance units are an effective deterrent with an extended height of 6 metres, and a housing unit of 3-metres tall, meaning they can be seen from far and wide. Intruders recognise that these towers include high-quality surveillance cameras at the top of the tower, meaning that their criminal actions are monitored 24/7. As CCTV is regularly touted as being the no.1 deterrent for thieves, our towers are a highly effective tool at dissuading an intrusion.

If you’d like to learn more, simply get in touch with Sicuro and we can arrange your FREE installation. At the end of the two weeks, you have the option to keep the towers in place and will be charged the associated install and hire charge. Alternatively, if you would prefer us to remove the towers, we will do so promptly at zero cost to your company.

Audio systems and signage

Bold and visible security signage around the exterior of your site or property will alert would-be trespassers that the site is being monitored. This helps to prevent an intrusion before it even occurs. With cameras in place and a connection to our 24/7 remote monitoring station, you also have the option of security personnel communicating directly with potential intruders via audio systems. A loud siren can also sound to persuade the intruders to move on, and alert neighbours or other personnel in the vicinity.

Concrete blocks and metal fences

Thieves targeting construction sites rarely arrive just on foot, due to the volume of materials and equipment they hope to remove. This is where preventing vehicular access to your site is essential – as without the convenience of a getaway car to contain stolen goods, your site will usually be too challenging. Monitoring all access points to the site is important, but you can also place concrete blocks around the external perimeter to prevent vehicles from getting too close. Finally, tall metal fencing should always be erected to make it as difficult as possible for intruders to get in, but also for public safety.

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