Locking Down The Perimeter Of Your Construction Site

Construction site theft costs thousands and causes project delays. Find out how to secure your perimeter with this guide.

21% of construction sites are robbed on a weekly basis according to the findings of a survey conducted by the Chartered Institute of Building. Thieves are attracted to valuable machinery which is often left unsecured as well as the resell potential of raw materials such as scaffolding which are extremely challenging for the police to trace. Even though theft and vandalism has cost the UK construction sector as much as £800 million last year alone, site owners still need help understanding how and why they can lock down their building sites. Identifying the most common entry points for intruders is the first step in preventing such crime.


Most construction sites have a clearly defined perimeter, to safeguard the public as much as workers on the project. But the perimeter fencing can often be scaled too easily, allowing easy access for anyone who is good at climbing or has access to a ladder. By using flat sided hoardings, you have a better chance of preventing climbers. The height should be a minimum of 2.4 metres, and preferably 3 metres which would offer added security, particularly if you add intrusion detection and a video verification alarm system.

Existing Buildings

Remember that not all construction sites are based around new development works, but the project may be taking place on an existing property with an adjacent building attached. In this case, thieves may be able to gain entry from the neighbouring premises, through an open window or fire escape.


Not only is scaffolding of value to thieves, but it also makes a fantastic entry and exit route into an unsecured construction site. Scaffolding protection beams are an effective way to prevent climbers, as is the chaining of planks alongside ladders to stop the use of rungs.

The Front Gate

All too often, thieves are able to wander onto a construction site right through the front gate. Unauthorised personnel, namely your determined thief, can pose as a construction worker and gain access to tools, machinery and construction vehicles. Access control systems can be used which use token-based access and identity management to ensure that only those with a legitimate right to be there are allowed entry to the site.

Dark Spots

Depending on the layout of your construction site, you might end up with some dark areas around the perimeter that suffer from a lack of visibility. When planning your building site security, walk around the outside of your site and take note of any spots that are overshadowed by trees or back onto a dark alleyway, both of which would make great places for criminals to lurk and gain access. If there are any black spots which aren’t being picked up on your CCTV cameras, then this also needs to be addressed by adding an extra camera angle to your setup.

If you want to save money and reduce project delays, then it’s time to deter criminals from your building site. Contact professional construction security specialists to help you lock down your perimeter.