Construction site security has never been more important than it is in 2021. With increasing site thefts during the pandemic, construction firms need to implement advanced solutions to keep their premises protected. Theft isn’t the only challenge being faced either, with the HS2 railway construction firm forking out £50 million in security costs to keep protestors and activists off their site.

With a range of security options to choose from, you might be wondering why mobile security patrols offer an excellent solution for your site. Here are the top five benefits of hiring physical security guards.

1. Visibly Deter Crime

Security guards on-site can thwart two types of intrusion to your construction site. For a planned attack, any criminals scoping out the area will notice the presence of security guards. Patrolling officers in uniform or a marked vehicle are easy to spot and an excellent deterrent to criminals, who will usually move on to a less secure site instead. The same goes for opportunists who are hoping to strike vacant site works. If they’re considering committing a crime and spot a security patrol, they will be dissuaded from targeting your site.

2. Combine With Other Security Methods

Choosing site patrols doesn’t mean that this is the only type of security strategy you can utilise. In fact, the use of security guards is excellent in combination with technology-based solutions such as wireless video verification alarms. If required, your site can be under 24/7 surveillance, using cameras which are monitored from a secure location. However, this strategy can be supported with the visible presence of your security guards onsite too. In the unlikely event that your security guards aren’t able to patrol, perhaps due to poor weather or illness, your wireless surveillance can pick up the reins instead.

3. Perform Additional Security Tasks

One distinct advantage that mobile security patrols have, is their ability to carry out physical security tasks that go beyond surveillance. For example, your security guards can check to see how robust your boundaries are or can report any holes or broken fencing which is a security risk. Similarly, they can doublecheck that padlocks have been secured correctly or that machinery isn’t left out.

4. Flexible Solution For Your Budget

Security guards can be offered to suit your budget and certainly don’t need to attend your site 24/7 if this doesn’t suit your requirements. You might choose for security patrols to visit during the evenings and weekends, or else on an ad-hoc basis, where they carry out spot checks of your site at random intervals. Sicuro will work with your budget to create the best strategy for you, perhaps incorporating some wireless monitoring technology too as required.

5. Peace of Mind

Perhaps the greatest benefit for construction site owners and managers is the peace of mind they experience when relying on mobile security patrols to oversee their works. If you have multiple sites or projects on the go, then it’s possible to link your patrol services so all your premises are covered. Your employees will be reassured too that the environment they work in is safe and secure from the threat of vandalism including tampering.

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