Vandalism and theft are reported to cost the construction industry in excess of £400 million per year. This impacts almost the entire sector with 92% of sites hit by these crimes on an annual basis, according to the Chartered Institute of Building. 9% of construction businesses have lost more than £100,000 due to this type of crime, whilst a more significant 38% lose over £10,000.

Site security comes in all shapes and sizes, but many companies now opt for the latest technical innovations to support their site security strategy. It may feel instinctive as the world becomes ever more digital, to rely on technology to oversee your site. But what about the more traditional method of using uniformed site patrols? Is there still a place for hiring human security guards too?

Why have companies moved towards modern security technology?

Technology has transformed the security industry, with some companies moving away from the need to employ a physical guard to watch their construction site outside of working hours. The cost of hiring security personnel around the clock can be incredibly expensive whereas technology such as virtual guards and wireless alarm systems run at approximately 80% less than a London-weighted guard salary. Additionally, security technology is seen to be an ‘always-on’ solution which is monitored from a remote station by a team of trained security professionals. This replaces the limitations of relying on a security guard who may be late for work, call in sick or be unable to offer a full site patrol service in bad weather. Surveillance technology will be monitoring your site 24/7 regardless of whether it’s raining or there’s traffic in the area.

Multi-pronged approach to security

Why then are security site patrols still so popular within the construction industry? The answer lies in combining traditional security personnel with modern solutions to provide a comprehensive site protection plan.

Hiring a security guard 24/7 may not be a cost-effective option for your company. However, you can instead choose a site patrol service to drive by or drop in on a regular or ad-hoc schedule. You can tailor your manpower for when you need it the most, whether that be over the Christmas period, when the clocks change during winter, or at any time where your site works may have stalled. Security guards have the benefit of being able to use all five senses and their instincts when carrying out their duties. They may be able to detect wear and tear which could act as a perimeter breach or simply be onsite already when intruders attempt a break-in. Of course, security guards also act as a visual deterrent too, putting off any criminals who are scoping out the site in advance of an intrusion.

With your cost-effective and sophisticated surveillance system constantly running in the background and the reassurance of your manned patrols by trained security professionals, you’re benefiting from the best of both worlds.

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