Christmas is a time for festivities and spending time with friends and family. If you’re looking forward to some time off, make sure your holiday season isn’t spoiled this year by dealing with a break-in. Unfortunately, construction site theft tends to peak over Christmas and the New Year, which can be stressful and costly to sort out.

Why is Christmas a prime time for break-ins?

After the clocks have changed at the end of October, there are more hours of darkness for criminals to carry out their activities without risk of being seen. This becomes even worse over the Christmas period when construction companies traditionally shut down their operations and leave their sites vacant whilst their workforce is celebrating at home.

Thieves see this as a prime opportunity to break into a site and help themselves to valuable assets including:

• Raw materials such as steel scaffolding
• Tools
• Construction vehicles such as excavators

These can all be sold on the black market for a profit and are notoriously difficult for police to trace.

Why CCTV is the great solution for your site

A variety of security solutions are available to secure your construction site, but CCTV stands out as offering many benefits.

Construction site CCTV is a strong visual deterrent, meaning that when criminals are deciding whether to target your site, the presence of this security solution can be enough to dissuade them.

Once in place, your cameras will offer coverage of your entire site, making sure that there are no dark spots for intruders to lurk in. If you have a larger site, then our rapid deployment CCTV towers make sure you have the necessary height to span the area.

For peace of mind, you’re able to view your HD 4K security footage remotely via a dedicated app that runs on a variety of customer devices including tablets and smartphones.

Can you get CCTV in place before Christmas?

CCTV is a quick security strategy to put into place and there’s still time to arrange yours before Christmas. Your first step is to book in a site security assessment with Sicuro and we’ll take a detailed look at your premises. Once you have agreed to our proposal, we can have rapidly assemble your CCTV system and have your cameras protecting your site 24/7 over the Christmas period.

How much does CCTV cost?

The cost of your CCTV system will depend entirely on the size and scope of the area you need to secure. The best way to find out an accurate price is to contact Sicuro directly to arrange for your site security assessment.

It’s time to secure your site

Are you ready to secure your construction site? CCTV will both deter criminals and capture any unauthorised activity on camera. To learn more about CCTV or our other top-class security solutions, contact Sicuro today on 0800 999 1888 or by email at