Why You Should Invest In Sophisticated Site Security

Could your site security be improved but you’re worried about the cost? Investing in site security will actually SAVE you money.

21% of construction sites report that they’re robbed on a weekly basis according to data compiled by the Chartered Institute of Building. The cost of crime to the construction industry is worth an average of £800 million per year lost across the entire sector as a result of the theft of raw materials, heavy-duty machinery, smaller equipment including backhoe loaders and also vandalism of the site. Construction site security is an essential service to help protect your site from this type of crime.

Replacing Stolen Goods

Companies that are hit by construction industry thieves will need to spend a great deal of money replacing their lost equipment or raw materials. If one-fifth of the industry are experiencing this type of crime every week, that’s a colossal waste of money that would be better spent by investing in strong security measures instead. If you use surveillance technology such as construction site alarms, footage from your feed will be reviewed if the alarm is triggered. This will happen in real-time from a remote monitoring station by our professional security team. If the incident is verified as being a genuine breach, then a trained SIA responder will be sent out to arrive at your site within minutes to deal with the trespassers. In this way, you can be assured your assets will remain firmly on-site and you won’t need to replace anything!

Lowering Your Insurance

Besides the money you’ll save from not having to replace lost materials or equipment, you’ll also find that your construction site security will provide you with lower insurance premiums. Installing measures such as site alarms or other surveillance technology can save you as much as 20% in insurance, which is a substantial amount of money back in the pocket of your business.

Cost of Security Guards

There’s no arguing with the fact that security guards patrolling your site can certainly be an effective physical deterrent to anyone considering a break-in. However, the problem with security guards is that they come at a cost, usually a minimum of £1,000 a week based on 123 hours split across several guards. By investing in video verification alarms, you can expect to pay 80% less than this and be assured that your site is being monitored in all weathers and won’t be affected by other human challenges including illness, or traffic jams either.

Penalty Fees

Where sites fail to lock down their perimeters effectively, it is a known problem across the industry that teenagers and other thrill-seekers may attempt to trespass to use the site as a playground, by climbing up your scaffolding or risking their lives in many other ways. Unfortunately, failure to secure your site can leave you open to lawsuits and associated penalty fees.

In the case of a rail and freight operator, a fine of £1.2 million was charged after three teenage boys experienced lifechanging injuries including severe burns after sneaking into the site and becoming electrocuted by a live power line. Construction site alarms would alert you to this type of intrusion and give you time to respond to the incident rapidly before anyone is in danger. This proactive approach to securing your site will ensure that you avoid penalty charges like this.

If you’re ready to invest in construction site security to safeguard your assets and your business reputation, get in touch with our team of security professionals today and we’ll be happy to book you in for a FREE site survey.