Ensuring Duty Of Care With Advanced Detection Technology

Health and safety is an area of construction that can save lives. Invest in the latest monitoring tech to ensure your procedures are adhered to.  

The UK construction industry copes with 2.2 million lost work days per year. A major part of this figure relates to non-fatal work-related injuries, which are experienced by 3% of workers, the equivalent of more than 65,000 construction workers. Approximately 30 deaths per year are also attributed to the industry. As a result, health and safety is a key focus for all companies, and there is a heavy responsibility on both employers as well as employees to adhere to strict regulations. As well as regular training, monitoring of contractors and the site is essential to ensure that best practices are being carried out. A robust CCTV system is an important component in health and safety risk assessment.

Duty Of Care

Managing risk is a duty of care for site managers, construction company owners and any other management responsible for health and safety issues. The duty of care doesn’t just relate to the staff, contractors, or subcontractors who are working on a particular project; the general public also needs to be safeguarded against the many potential dangers that exist within the construction environment.

Establishing Safe Zones

Establishing boundaries of the construction site is essential before a project commences. Not only is this integral to your security plan, but it also ensures that there is a clear barrier between dangerous construction work and areas that the public may move around in. Whilst construction workers are trained in health and safety procedures, the general public is unlikely to be well-versed, so it’s imperative that they shouldn’t be able to wander into the vicinity of machinery or materials such as scaffolding that is being erected.

As well as designing a perimeter around the outer boundary, site managers might also potentially use barrier fencing to clearly delineate those zones which are safe or hazardous within the site. Whatever type of boundary you need in place, advanced construction site CCTV technology can be incorporated with wireless alarms, which will send an alert back to a remote monitoring station in the event that a breach of your site boundaries occur.

Monitoring Staff

Another consideration for site managers is keeping a watchful eye on the employees that work on their construction projects. Within the industry, it’s typical for companies to hire short-term contractors and also utilise subcontractors to help their projects reach completion. In terms of health and safety, it’s important to ensure that only authorised personnel have access to specific equipment or areas of your site. CCTV ensures that your site is fully monitored 24/7, but also the very presence of camera technology can serve as a deterrent for employees that were considering carrying out actions that contravene your strict health and safety policy.

Prevent Tampering And Vandalism

Construction sites are full of expensive equipment which is not only a target for thieves but can also attract vandals and those wishing to carry out malicious tampering. An important health and safety consideration is ensuring that equipment such as your diggers is in excellent working order. Whilst regular maintenance of such machinery will need to be part of a construction company’s policies, you should also employ the use of CCTV to focus on your machinery. If an unauthorised event is detected, then the event will trigger a unit to look over footage and then send a responder, along with the police to investigate.

Using CCTV on your construction site is not only a security necessity but in terms of health and safety, it can prevent injuries and save lives.