The start of 2021 is a great opportunity to evaluate your existing security strategy and determine if there are any areas of risk. You may be dissatisfied with the service offered by your current provider, or never opted for the support of security specialists before. To begin planning your new and improved security measures, contact Sicuro for a professional and comprehensive site security service.

Choose Sicuro For Your Site Security

Sicuro has been leading the market in security installation, monitoring and response solutions since 2012. During this time, we have provided services for a wide range of industries across construction, scaffolding and vacant property. Most recently during the pandemic, we have also provided vital thermoscreen technology to prevent the spread of the virus. The work we take on spans small private projects through to securing challenging industrial developments. In fact, we’ve been delighted to work with prestigious clients including Redrow Homes, Taylor Wimpey, Balfour Beatty and the fantastic Queen Elizabeth Olympic Stadium.

Our approach to site security is unrivalled, which is evident in the breadth of security solutions we provide, as detailed below.


This temperature screening solution detects body temperature from a safe distance, which can help in identifying and preventing the spread of Covid-19. To allow largescale construction projects to progress as planned and in a safe environment, our thermoscreen body scanners can be set up at access points to the site. Employees pass through these heat sensitive scanners and will register a person’s core temperature. Fevers of over 37.8 degrees Celsius will be identified to allow you to isolate the employee accordingly.  Thermoscreens can be erected or removed at speed, so can adapt along with the needs of your site.

Construction Site Security

Sicuro offers a range of solutions to fully secure your construction site. These services are flexible, depending on the changing needs and locations of your operations. From CCTV surveillance cameras and scaffold alarms to manned patrols and wireless video verified alarm systems, we will ensure that every inch of your site is covered so as to deter and monitor for signs of vandalism, intrusion and theft.

Vacant Property Security

If you have a vacant residential property, then this can be a target for squatters, vandals and thieves. From inhabiting the building, to stripping materials from it to sell on at a profit, there are plenty of ways that criminals can make use of any unoccupied property. Wireless video verification alarms are an effective measure for vacant buildings as they are standalone and don’t require access to mains power or an internet connection.

Scaffold Alarm Systems

Along with your equipment, scaffold is one of the most valuable assets on your construction sites, which is why it pays to secure it in 2021. By fixing our scaffold alarm to your assembly, you can benefit from a dual PIR detector which will monitor any events taking place in the vicinity. If the alarm is triggered, then our trained security specialists will review footage of the surveillance and will dispatch SIA-approved responders to attend your site and deal with the intruders. This is a cost-effective approach which will protect the safety of your workers and the value of your raw materials.

Fire Systems

Fire alarm systems can be installed alongside our security systems to provide you with ample warning in the event of an emergency. These are fully wireless and operate on batteries alone, which allows you to take advantage of this essential protection strategy from day 1 of your site operations.

Virtual Guard System

If you require 24/7 protection of your site but can’t afford the services of a manned patrol guard, then you can save up to 80% by investing in a virtual guard system instead. This is a fully wireless video verification system, spanning multiple sites where required. You simply set the virtual guard to monitor your site on a schedule which suits you, or around the clock if you prefer. Any security event which occurs will be monitored, verified and responded to within minutes.

Arrange Your Site Security Assessment

Trying to decide which of our solutions is the right fit for your site? Each of our services can be arranged on a standalone basis, or may be combined for a more comprehensive approach to your new year security strategy.

To get started on overhauling your security plans for 2021, the first step is to arrange a FREE site security assessment with our highly experienced specialists. Contact Sicuro on 0800 999 1888 or email today.